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Dynamic Switching
A Stunning Breakthrough in Trading Performance

"Dynamic Switching is one of the most significant breakthroughs in trading approaches I have ever seen!   

Trading Signals are great, but if you are fully-allocated when a Signal arrives, you can't trade it.  

But what if we had the ability to "jump into an existing trade" as capital is freed up?  You could maintain allocation and continue to benefit from a good move in the market.  

I'm seeing everything improve with ATM6. And now with the new AT-X Method, there's nothing to do except turn it on!  

For limited time, I'm including the AT-X Method with any new or upgrade purchase of ATM6."  

Take a Tour of the New AT-X Method

See everything the AT-X Method can provide for you in this new video "A Tour of the AT-X Method". Watch as Jeff Drake shows you this revolutionary ATM Method leverages to power of ATM6 in order to consistently outperform market while easily avoiding large drawdowns!

The NEW AT-X Method
A Great Performer in All Market Conditions

73% Annual Return Over the Past Four Years:

2020:        149% Return, 14% MDD
Market:   16% Return, 34% MDD

2021:         59% Return, 12% MDD
Market:    28% Return, 5% MDD

2022 :        10% Return, 15% MDD
Market:  -20% Return, 25% MDD

2023:         105% Return, 10% MDD
Market:    26% Return, 10% MDD

2024 (ytd)  16% Return, 3% MDD
Market:     7% Return, 1.7% MDD

     Comparison of the AT-X Method  w/ Margin vs. the S&P 500 Index 

A Better Way to Trade

AT-X with Dynamic Switching...

When a stock is “in trade”, we were previously unable to buy it. But now in ATM6, we are able to consider those stocks for our portfolio. This is a game-changer, and it is already producing higher returns AND lower drawdowns.

  • 73% Annual Return Over the Last Four Years
  • Less Than Half of the Max Drawdown of the Market  
  • Without margin it still made over 30% annually with an average drawdown of only 6%!
  • Very Active: Cuts Losses Quickly and Takes Profits
  • Reduces Risk: Completely Avoids Trading Into Earnings
  • IT'S READY TO GO!   Comes completely pre-configured - All you have to do is turn it on!

Announcing RTQ

"Real Time on the Q's"

RTQ (2:1) compared to QQQ May-Oct 2022

Use Dynamic Switching to Improve
Existing ATM Methods!

With ATM6, Dynamic Switching can be activated on ANY existing ATM Method.     
The difference in performance can be dramatic!

How Dynamic Switching Works

OmniTrader is based on Strategies that have Entry and Exit Signals.  All Trades enter on a Signal and end with an Exit in the Trade Plan.

However, when Dynamic Switching is enabled in ATM6, trades can be entered AFTER the Entry Signal.  So when any trade exits, the capital can be re-invested into an existing trade.

Easy to  Activate

Any ATM Method can be set to use Dynamic Switching.   Just click the check-box to allow In-Trade Signals.

Many ATM Methods can benefit from this feature, producing higher returns with less risk.

Performance Comparison
Activating Dynamic Switching can provide SIGNIFICANT performance improvements

Using Dynamic Switching, this Method dramatically increased  gains AND reduced draw downs over the same Method without Dynamic Switching.

Switches into Existing Trades when Capital is Freed Up

Makes Higher Gains Because it Can Stay More Fully Allocated

Has Less Risk Because it is More Diversified


The ATM Master Course
A Comprehensive Course Covering EVERY Aspect of ATM!

ATM is a true breakthrough in trading technology, and the ATM Master Course provides you with a road-map to harness this powerful technology for maximum profits. Whether you want to fully automate your trading or just want ATM to give you the best trades in the current market, the ATM Master Course gives you everything you need to “Master” the markets.

$695 Value


New to ATM? 

Adaptive Trade Management (ATM) is a dynamically automated approach to trading. ATM allows us to adapt to changing markets by determining the type of market, and then adjusting our trading approach in order to maximize results.

The equity curves to the right shows the dramatic improvement that this technology can have on results. Consistent gains, low drawdowns, outstanding performance in all markets - ATM delivers!

It's So easy to use!

With the ATM5 package, you do NOT have to know...

· Which Symbols to trade

· Which Strategies to use

· Which Market States to use

The ATM5 package comes with several great Methods, or you can create your own. Remember, the ATM5 package will decide which assets to trade, so it’s not that important to “get it right”. You just need a good selection of Market States and Strategies for it to work from.

The included Methods can be used right out-of-the-box.

All you have to do is click “Run Analysis” in the Portfolio Simulator!

Step By Step -
How ATM Achieves These Results:

Market States

ATM will first determine the state of the market. By looking at different factors in the broad market, ATM will determine the Market State which determines which Trading Strategies to use, which trade filters to employ, which available trades to take, and how much to allocate to each trade.

Trade Ranking

Once ATM has determined which Trading Strategies to use in the current Market State, ATM will then look at the trades generated by the strategies. It will rank them in order to determine which trades are best poised to profit in the current market.

Symbol Filters

ATM is designed to determine which trades have the best chance for success in the current market. Each Market State has Trade Filters which are used to make sure that all trades taken are conducive to the current market personality.

Smart Allocation

Depending on the Market State, we may want to increase or decrease our amount invested, number of trades, and trade size. ATM allows each of these factors and more in every Market State, giving you unprecedented control over your market exposure.

Believe it or not, ATM doesn’t stop there.

It also has the ability to have different long/short balance and trade size for each Market State.

Automatic Ranking for the Best Trades

Using the best Strategies for each Market State is good, but we want the absolute BEST trades.

ATM can filter out the trades that we don’t want, and then it will rank the remaining potential trades in order to insure that we are only taking the trades with the highest profit potential.

Market Specific
Allocation is Key

Whether you want all longs in a Bullish Market, a mix of longs and shorts in a Sideways Market, or reduced trade size in a Volatile Market, ATM automatically adjusts to make sure you have the perfect balance.

Discover the Difference ATM Can Make:

In Just 3 minutes, see how Market States, Trade Ranking, and Smart Allocation can achieve this goal!

ATM Benefits Your Trading 2 Ways:

Manual Trading:

Use it to show you the best trades to make each day...

Fully Automated Trading:

Let it manage your account with 100% automated trading!

It Also Works with
Any Strategy!

Nirvana has created and released many great Strategies, including Reversion to Mean, Trend Following, Swing Trading and More! Whatever you are using, ATM can improve results. Don't have any Strategies? Call us and we'll help!

Harness the Power of ATM6
and AT-X Today!

“ATM, developed for OmniTraders International, is our crown jewel achievement. There is no other product on the market like it! No other software offers automated trading based on Market State analysis, Ranking, and Dynamic Allocation.

With Dynamic Switching, ATM6 is our most powerful and profitable version of ATM yet.  And with the included AT-X Method, you have a canned approach to trading and staying invested.”

Ed Downs

Upgrade to ATM6 and get the AT-X Method FREE!

ATM6 Upgrade Package Includes:

 AT-X Method....................$1,295
ATM6 Upgrade...................$995

PLUS: The ATM Master Course

$2,300 Value


Upgrade to ATM6 and get the AT-X Method FREE!

Just $995

Or Call 800-880-0338

Harness the Power of ATM Today!

“ATM, developed for OmniTraders International, is our crown jewel achievement. There is no other product on the market like it! No other software offers automated trading based on Market State analysis, Ranking, and Dynamic Allocation.

And more importantly, while ATM is an Open System, we’ve done all the work to create the provided Methods! All you do is turn it on and activate AutoTrade. Discover the ATM difference today.”

Ed Downs

For ATM5 Owners:

RTQ Method...............$1,495

Special Offer
Just $995

For ATM 1- 4 Owners:

ATM5 Upgrade
Package Includes:

RTQ Method: $1,495
ATM5 Upgrade: $995

$2,500 Value

Special Offer
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For New ATM Customers:

ATM5 Full Version Includes:

RTQ Method: $1,495
Full ATM Install: $2,995

$4,500 Value

Special Offer: Just $2,495

Or Call

Our software is backed by our unconditional Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, you may return the software, within 30days of purchase, for a 100% refund, less shipping and handling. In bundle offers, the OmniTrader upgrade is valued at $199 if purchased by the deadline,$249 after the deadline. Texas residents add 8.25% sales tax. Educational material is non-refundable.

Important Information: Futures, options and securities trading has risk of loss and may not be suitable for all persons. No Strategy can guarantee profits or freedom from loss. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. These results are based on simulated or hypothetical performance results that have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. There are numerous market factors, including liquidity, which cannot be fully accounted for in the preparation of hypothetical performance results all of which can adversely affect actual trading results. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to these being shown.