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About the Nirvana Club

The Nirvana Club

The most unique and powerful investor organization in the world.


The Nirvana Club is a very unique community of like-minded traders, who are involved with us in advancing the power of our platforms. The primary goal of the Club has been to create Trading Systems that are sufficiently accurate to engage the markets in fully-automated trading. The Club reached this goal in 2007 with the introduction and automation of NSP-31 and other ARM3 Strategies. And now, with ARM4, we are able to dramatically improve the accuracy of our Strategies. This is a very exciting juncture for the Club!

It is difficult to summarize the enormous value of a Nirvana Club membership. There are so many benefits – both tangible and intangible. Members often tell me that joining the Club is the best investment they have ever made. Members have access to our most powerful trading technology, powered by ARM. They also receive many additional benefits – free Club seminars, discounts on products, priority support, Nirvana Club forums and more. Not to mention the fact that all members participate in the Ultimate Trading Machine mission.

The Club is a group of individuals who are dedicated to our automated trading mission, with a long history of discoveries and successes. A Nirvana Club membership is unprecedented in the world of trading.

D. OlsonLife Time Member

“I’ve been in the Nirvana Club since its inception. It’s been a fun, exciting and fulfilling experience. Fun because of meeting and exchanging ideas with other members. Exciting because of receiving new Nirvana products at discounted prices and discovering all the new features Nirvana is developing. And fulfilling because I am using the software to make money in the markets."

Ed Downs
CEO & Founder
Nirvana Systems, Inc.

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