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Error 713: Class Not Registered

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Error 713: Class Not Registered

Q: I get this message that says, “Error 713: Class not registered.” or “Error 3170 couldn’t find installable ISAM.” How can I fix it?


1. Close OmniTrader
2. Download attached ISAM file to your desktop or a temporary folder and unzip/extract the files inside.
Click here to download ISAM
3. Double click the extracted ISAM Fix.exe file & follow its instructions.
4. Run OmniTrader to make sure the error does not come up.
5. You can delete the files on your desktop and the ISAM file after it has been ran.
If that doesn’t help, try manually taking one of the .dll files inside the zip file, & install it into your C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32 folder. The file that you need will correspond to the country below. Then try running OT.

*Non-US computers also require the msvbvm60.dll file to be installed & registered.

msvbvm60.dll – US
vb6de.dll – Germany
vb6fr.dll – France
vb6es.dll – Spain
vb6jp.dll – Japan
vb6it.dll – Italy

If you still get the same message check your Control Panel/Regional & Language Settings/Advanced & make sure it’s set correctly & then restart OT to test.

Changing the compatibility to XP has also reportedly fixed this issue as well. To set this, browse to the C:/Program Files/Nirvana/OT201* folder, right-click the main executable OT201*.exe & select Properties, then click on the Compatibility tab.