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Chart Pattern Recognition Module – Dv

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BIGGER Profits!

Imagine automatically finding stocks with the strongest patterns providing you with bigger profits.

CPRM finds patterns within stock prices that identify potential trades quickly and accurately. You can trade with confidence and enjoy bigger gains.

Find Patterns Faster
And Easier

Zero Configuration Needed

Simply let OmniTrader complete its normal daily analysis and then you just look for green dots or red dots in your Focus List and then trade accordingly.  This allows you to focus ONLY on those patterns that have the most potential.

The Strength Matters

Use the Strength Rating System to identify which specific patterns have the greatest potential.  For example, the "5" rating shows the strongest patterns showing the highest profitability potential.

Pattern Strength

Patterns "Simplified"

Over 200 Chart Patterns Instantly Identified

The CPRM makes prospecting for great trades easy.  It quickly identifies over 200 types of forming patterns so you can identify the potential, place a trade, and enjoy the financial rewards. 

Built in Chart Pattern Education

Within the CPRM is the Pattern Tutor that will show you live examples of all patterns historically - a great way to learn and gain confidence in patterns.

Special Offer for Xpress Users! 

CPRM sells for $495 on our website, but for our Xpress users  receive this powerful tool for the low price of $295. 

As an added bonus for our OmniTrader Xpress users, your purchase of CPRM also upgrades your Xpress to a full version of OmniTrader 2018 absolutely FREE! ($295 value)  Now you can fully unleash the profit power of Chart Patterns with CPRM risk free with our 60-day money back guarantee.

Chart Pattern Recognition Module

CPRM......................................................reg. $495


  • ​Free OmniTrader 2018 Upgrade
  • Fully Automatic Pattern Recognition.
  • ​Pattern Strength Rating System - Identifies patterns that have proven to be the MOST PROFITABLE!
  • Profitability Reports on YOUR Symbols.
  • Custom Patterns
  • AND the Pattern Tutor - Learn as you earn!