I have all the tools necessary to become consistently profitable.

Thanks for presenting the Swing method. Your method is very methodical and easy to understand. I appreciate your teachings. I believe I have all the tools necessary to become consistently profitable. Now, I need to concentrate on one system. Again, thank you for presenting this. I appreciate your approach.

Bob V. - Nirvana Trader

Complete Swing Trader Seminar is Excellent!

Your "Complete Swing Trader Seminar" is excellent!

It is clear and concise....and should be a great tool for all traders.

Nick L. - Nirvana Trader since 1990

This is the best swing trading system ever!

This is the best swing trading system ever! The charting software is so powerful and the trading systems can screen thousands of stocks in minutes. All you have to to do is evaluate the the signals and trade. Only takes minutes a day!

Marc T. - Nirvana Trader since 2004

So Valuable

I cannot tell you how valuable I have found the Swing Trading Package. I have been a full-time professional trader for 35 years and first worked on Wall St in 1965. The Swing Trading Package has provided a great means of suggesting stocks to trade. The quality of candidates is excellent and I can see that even using it mechanically would yield great results. This package would be of great value to any trader regardless of experience.

Barry S. - Nirvana Trader

I'm sincerely grateful for your swing trader plugin!

Thank you for the Extra Effort assets that you provided your Swing Traders with this last few weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed every issue and every recording. I have learned a lot and it is benefiting my trading account. I had my best trading week this last week in several months - much of it due to a change in trading style from Day Trading to Swing Trading. I'm still a work in progress, but I AM PROGRESSING. I'm sincerely grateful for your Swing plugin and your instruction.

Will W. - Nirvana Trader

Swing Trader: Another great Nirvana package!

I have attended or listened to all of the Swing Trading Package training sessions so far, and have been totally impressed with both the product, and the sessions. I am incorporating it into my live trading, and anticipate great results. The concept behind swing trading perfectly matches my own trading style, and I like the fact that Swing is geared for very short term trades. Another great Nirvana package! Oh, and did I say that customer service is stellar as well? Nathan is the best!

Tim H. - Nirvana Trader since 1998

Congratulations on Swing Trader!

Congratulations on Swing Trader!

I want to personally thank you for creating such a splendid Swing Trading course. I was simply overwhelmed by the quality of the course materials and the obviously intricate detail you have gone into to create a fully integrated swing trading methodology. In short it was what I would try to achieve (but would probably fall short of) if I were creating my own trading technique.

Congratulations and please keep up the good work!

Tom H. - Nirvana Trader

Absolutely Brilliant

Absolutely brilliant. This is exactly what i need to understand exactly how to swing trade. Thanks.

Keith W. - Nirvana Trader

I LOVE this technique

I LOVE this technique. Now, with a little further video coaching from you I feel confident that I can resume active trading with my personal goal of being able to actively trade to supplement my retirement income.

So, THANK YOU so much for this brilliant method. I took four trades yesterday (first day of resuming active trading) - 3 of the four are green - and up nicely.

I sincerely appreciate the new plugin and so admire your teaching and coaching style. You have a real gift.

Wynn F. - Nirvana Trader

This is the real deal. An all weather system that delivers consistent results.

This is the real deal. An all weather system that delivers consistent results.

Harry L. - Nirvana Trader

Robust strategy that is fast and easy to apply

I've traded for long time with discretional approach and this consumes time and does not remove the stress of trading. With swing trader, you have a mechanical strategy that is robust, removes your stress of trading, and is fast and easy to apply. My best compliments to all the Nirvana staff.

Matteo P. - Nirvana Trader

I've made $1,312 in the past two days!

I'm enjoying the classes ... and made $1,312 in the past two days using what I've learned from Jeff's classes :)

Dave M. - Nirvana Trader since 2013

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