The Best Swing Trades on the Planet

The T3 Power Suite

The T3 Power Suite is actually THREE strategies that generate great long swing trades. T3 was first released in early 2010, and it was some of our first Reversion to Mean (RTM) strategies published.

Each of the T3 strategies perform well on their own, but they are very selective about taking a trade. However, by combining the three strategies together, we get plenty of high quality trades and outstanding results.

The equity curve to the right shows the simulated performance of the T3 Power Suite since January 1st, 2000. Since release in April of 2010, the strategy has continued to show stellar performance, and it is currently making new equity highs.

The T3 Power Suite continues to perform, even in difficult markets. The strategies are combining to make new equity highs and generate consistent profits.

Build Wealth in Minutes a Day

Never Before Has it Been This Easy!

With the T3 Power Suite, managing your investments can take just a few minutes a day.  Once OmniTrader finishes running its analysis, you can quickly review the Signals that were generated.  In the list to the right, we have one Buy Signal and two Sell Signals (which means you would place 3 orders with your broker).

Introducing XLS-19

Boosting Profits with Long AND Short Trades

The Ultimate Swing Trading Package 2 includes our latest mechanically profitable strategy, XLS-19. This strategy looks for sizable pullbacks against the primary trend, which leads to BIG short term profits.

XLS-19 is our latest Reversion to Mean (RTM) strategy. It is perfect compliment to the T3 Power Suite as it fires different long trades AND adds short trades as well.

XLS-19 includes a new filter called the Profit Zone. This filter allows you to easily adjust the size of the required pullback to get the exact trades you are looking for.

A Powerful Combination

When you combine the T3 Power Suite with XLS-19, you get a perfect compliment of strategies that turbo charges your profits without increasing drawdown!

The equity curve below shows the simulated performance of the T3/XLS-19 combo. Notice how much more the combination makes than T3 on its own, but the drawdowns stay the same.

The combined simulated performance of the T3 Power Suite and the new XLS-19 Strategy.

Even though The Ultimate Swing Trading Package 2 strategies show outstanding mechanical performance, we’ll show you how to boost profits even more by singling out the absolute best trades. We’ll also teach you how to apply discretion to the trade management in order to “catch runners” and improve performance even more!