Event #1

Learn hot to Swing Trade the stock market

In Swing Trading for the Fences, Jeff Drake condenses all his knowledge and recent discoveries on Swing Trading to provide a concise, easy to follow Method to engage the market for big profits in just a few days.

Jeff is a renowned expert on Swing Trading, having taught and traded this method for over a decade.  For this course, he added special new techniques to perfect an already great approach.  I can’t wait to hear what attendees say about this one!

Event #2

Training starts september 22, 2020

Relative Strength is not a new concept, but it’s HOW you use it that is important. In Harnessing the Power, I demonstrate a comprehensive new Method for trading the stock market that fully exploits the many uses and nuances of Relative Strength.   

With the right Indicators, Scans and Strategies, this powerful technique can point the way to profitable trades again and again – while helping avoid losses through proper risk management.

The Method is applicable to End of Day and Real Time trading, in both VisualTrader and OmniTrader.  I will show its application in both platforms and timeframes.


The first 3 sessions of the Power Trading Summit have been outstanding!!  I'm looking forward to making money during the live trading next week!

Mark Holstius

Nirvana Power Trading Summit Attendee

+ 2 special Bonus Sessions +

For the benefit of all OmniTrader and VisualTrader users attending the Summit, we are offering “A Master Guide To OmniTrader” with Angela Duran and “The Power Tools Of VisualTrader” by Ryan Olson. Both are included in the special offer.

Angela and Ryan are experts on these platforms, and have received strong praise for the training they  provided in Nirvana’s TradeStrong event. In these two quick courses, they cover the “Power Tools” in these platforms that help users succeed. 

Fast-Paced and Exciting!

Both courses have been refined such that they only include what you need to know to trade each Method.  There isn’t any “filler” material – just the essential knowledge you need to trade the
Methods profitably.

In both Swing Trading and Harnessing the Power, all special assets used (Profiles, Strategies, and Scans) are included.  All you do is plug them in and start trading.  PLUS, each of us will show how to boost returns and reduce risk by trading options on the underlying stocks.

Your Success is Guaranteed

If you do not see an improvement in your trading after attending these courses, we will gladly refund the purchase price.

Nirvana All Access comes with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee

This course is designed with one goal—to get you Swing Trading successfully in only a few days!

Jeff Drake has been studying and Swing Trading for over a decade. His extensive experience with all Nirvana products and Swing Trading has allowed him to create a package that makes capturing swing profits as easy as possible!

Swing Trading for the Fences provides you with a methodical approach to market trading that is easy to follow.

Swing trading offers a multitude of advantages including:

  • It Only Takes Minutes a Day
  • You Know Exactly When to Exit the Trade
  • You Can Engage (or Disengage) the Market Any Time You Want
  • It’s Easy to Control Your Losses
  • You Can Quickly Adapt to the Ever-Changing Market

In this course Jeff will show the exact process to follow every market day that includes:

  • Determining the market mode
  • Confirming the best swing trade opportunities
  • When to take profits
  • When to cut losses
  • And more

Swing Trading for the Fences is much more than simply “stock picking”. Jeff will show you the effect of using different execution techniques, how to determine trade size, and much more. 

Join us for Swing Trading for the Fences and start realizing swing trading profits in only two weeks!

Swing trading for the fences will help you become a swing trader quickly with comprehensive education and training

Jeff Drake

"Of all the ways to trade the markets, swing trading is easily my favorite. In fact, I have been swing trading almost every day for well over a decade now as I enjoy its simplicity, profitability, and protection.

I first presented a version of this method in OmniTrader University in 2012. Over the years, I have made adjustments to the method, employed different strategies, used different trade management techniques, and basically given the method a major overhaul.

I'm excited to share what I have learned about swing trading, and actually trade this approach with our best customers. Join me for Swing Trading for the Fences and see how easy it can be to capture consistent swing trade profits!"

harness the power of relative strength market trading

Relative Strength has been used by Traders for years to determine
which stocks are outpacing the market.

When combined with other key market measurements, Relative Strength forms the basis of an incredibly profitable Trading Method! All we have to do is Harness the Power!

The Concept

The whole idea of Relative Strength is that some stocks are accumulated so briskly that they outpace the percentage gains the general market is making, which makes sense because a market index is just an average of many stocks, some going up and some going down. 

High Relative Strength is a very good sign that the stock is going to be accumulated further, or that market participants are moving out of it. 

In the chart above on AAPL, you can see the Relative Strength indicator going GREEN when the underlying symbol is moving up faster than the market.  We also note that accumulation zones appearing in succession often indicate an explosive and continued bullish move is underway.  That’s what we are looking for! 

Now, all we have to do is scan the market for the highest ranked stocks using this method – and trade them with the Strategies and Trade Plans that are included with the Method.

AAPL chart demonstrating Relative Strength of the stock

"I've spent my life studying the Market, and still do. After the COVID Crash low, I noticed that those stocks that went up 3x, 4x, or more were "tipping their hands" very early. Stocks like AAPL showed incredibly high Relative Strength rankings right out of the gate. So why not just trade these stocks?

I am firmly convinced that Relative Strength holds the key to the accumulation of wealth for all of us. So I decided to collapse all this knowledge into a concise seminar that all Nirvana customers can benefit from. I don't know about you, but for me - it's time to Harness the Power!"

The Nirvana Power Trading Summit will provide everything you need to Learn and Trade each Method – in the least amount of time!

Here's what's included:

Concise Instructional Videos

Rather than make everyone attend multiple hour-long lectures, we are working hard to create “masterpieces” of trading education – videos with the precise information you need to apply the Method. 

Website with Assets

Each trading course has its own website. You can always access the Strategies, Scans, Profiles and all of the assets provided.

Earn While You Learn in Live Trading Sessions

Our Power Trading Summit isn’t about concepts – it’s about making money trading! Jeff and Ed show how to trade in the live market so you have the confidence to continue beyond the course.

Q&A is held with attendees during the session, and all trading sessions will be recorded so you can review them at your own convenience. At the end of the course, you will completely understand the Method and have gained first-hand experience on how to apply it. Now that’s leverage!

A Master Guide to OmniTrader!

OmniTrader is one of the most powerful trading platforms in the world, and we want to help you realize all that it has to offer.

In A Master Guide to OmniTrader, OT expert Angela Duran takes you on a special tour of OmniTrader and reveals many of its unknown features. This two-part course will empower you with knowledge that allows you to take advantage of all that OmniTrader has to offer.

A Master Guide to OmniTrader also includes a live webinar in which Angela will share OmniTrader tips and tricks. This interactive session provides you with the opportunity to ask any question you have ever had about OmniTrader – and get it answered!

Whether you trade intraday or after-market hours, Angela will show you how to advance from being a mere OmniTrader user to become an OmniTrader master!

the Power Tools Of VisualTrader!

See it!  Click it!  Trade it!  

That’s the VisualTrader motto because this amazing software effortlessly brings trading candidates for you to review and consider trading.

In this special seminar, watch as veteran VisualTrader user Ryan Olson goes through how to set up and trade with the software and demonstrates how to use the unique VisualTrader features to find the most profitable and explosive moves.  

Ryan’s goal will be to improve your trading results as much as possible with the tips he has learned while using VisualTrader in live trading here at Nirvana. 

Using the Power Tools in VisualTrader includes a live webinar session in which Ryan will share additional power features that are included with VisualTrader.  Users will also have the opportunity to ask questions about using VisualTrader.

I have to tell you, Jeff and I have literally “pulled out all the stops” on our first Nirvana Trading Summit event. Our goal is to provide profitable NEW methods you can quickly learn and use in OmniTrader and VisualTrader – End of Day and Real Time. We will even show you how to employ options in your trading.

Your Success is Guaranteed

It’s all about learning the fewest things to get the greatest benefit.  This is all new material with a fresh approach.   We think you’re going to be very pleased with the value of this package.   

If you do not see an improvement in your trading after attending these courses, we will gladly refund the purchase price. 


Ed Downs

CEO and Founder

Nirvana systems

Nirvana Systems Power Trading Summit featring Swing Trading educaton and Harnessing the power of relative strength

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