A complete approach to consistent profits from swing trading

The Swing Trading for the Fences course starts with a in-depth discussion of every aspect of the Swing Trading Method. We begin by analyzing the broad market, and then we look for the type of swing trades conducive to profiting in that market. This section will also focus on different ways to manage the swing trade in order to take every trade to an optimal conclusion.

A Week of Trading and Training

Once we are armed with the knowledge of how to trade the method, we then apply it to the current market! Jeff will take you through every step of the process each market day. By the end of the week,
you will have a thorough understanding of his systematic approach.

If you have attended Jeff’s previous courses, you’ll be right at home and be able to take the new tools  and insights provided and incorporate them to your trading immediately.

If you are new to his swing trading courses, no worries – the basics of this method are easy to digest and Jeff will show you EXACTLY how to put this method in action in only two short weeks!  

Learn & Trade The Following Concepts:

  • Determine Market mode and trend strength
  • which scans give you a great daily swing trading list
  • which entries to use in the current markets
  • how to determine the swing trades with the best profit potential
  • which trading pitfalls we want to avoid
  • the effect of different types of orders
  • how to manage the swing trade to the optimal conclusion
  • How to minimize risk in challening markets
  • and much more

What Traders are saying about jeff drakes swing trading courses

"Absolutely brilliant! This is exactly what I need to understand how to Swing Trade. Thanks!"

Keith W.
"Your Swing Trading Course is excellent! It is clear and concise...and should be a great tool for all traders. Well done, Jeff."

Nick L.
"I have learned a lot and it is benefiting my trading account. I had my best trading week this last week in several months. I;m sincerely grateful for your Swing Trading tools and your instruction."

Wynn F.
"I'm enjoying the classes...and made $1,312 in the past two days using what I've learned from Jeff's classes!"

Dave M.
"I cannot tell you how valuable I have found the Swing Trading Package. I have been a full-time professional trader for decades and first worked on Wall Street in 1965. The quality of candidates is excellent and I can see that even using it mechanically would yield great results. This package would be of great value to any trader regardless of experience."

Barry S.
Two new premier swing trading strategies

Included with Swing Trading for the Fences are two brand new Trading Strategies never before available! These strategies are specifically designed to excel in different types of markets.

The ST-P37 strategy was developed to maximize gains by finding the setups with the highest profit potential. Pullbacks against the trend are good, but we want the trades that are poised for big moves in a short amount of time, and that is exactly what ST-P37 provides.

This strategy includes both long and short swing trading opportunities so you can take advantage of any type of market.

Swing trading for the fences, how to become a swing trader education summit

Sometimes in strong markets it can be difficult to find swing trading setups. So we have developed the ST-T11 strategy to specifically help us engage bullish trends.

ST-T11 not only provides good 2-3 day trades, but it can also be used to capture good extended moves. 

Both of these strategies are used in Swing Trading for the Fences, and Jeff will show you how to manage both types of these trades to their optimal conclusion.

Nirvana Power Trading Summit on how to start swing trading

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