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welcome to TRADEnosis RT

Thank you for joining us in The TRADEnosis Group!  I have added you to the TRADEnosis web site.  Once you login you can see the News, Education, Download and Forum pages… 


Use your Nirvana User ID and Password 

 I will be updating the site with more great news over the weekend.  Please let me know if you have any issues or if I can assist further. 

 Thank you and Welcome to TRADEnosis! 

 Ed Downs    

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welcome to the inner circle

To Our Very Special Guest! 

On behalf of all of us here, I want to say, “Welcome to the Inner Circle!”  We quickly closed out the group and are now preparing for first launch.   We really appreciate your coming on board ahead of Launch.  I can assure you, it’s going to be quite a ride.  

This week, you can expect to receive the following: 

  • An overview of Collective 2 (“C2”) and How it Works. 
  • How to set up your C2 account. 
  • How to connect your broker account to our Trade Streams coming from C2.

As I have more information on the development of the Trade Throttle process, I will share it with you.   Today, we ironed out the last few issues connecting to brokerage internally, so that’s looking good.   As I mentioned, we have already tested C2, so we are good to go there as well. 

Right now, I am specifically working on Filters that can isolate the best-trading symbols, and will be integrating “variable allocation” as soon as our programmer finishes it.  With that feature,  the Throttle can trade lower-priced stocks, which is important because they are more volatile. 

I have also started preparations to engage a second Throttle Operator, who will be trading a different list.  I firmly believe that the best way to control risk is to diversify and “watch the money” which is precisely what the Trade Throttle facilitates.    

This is the most exciting project I have ever been involved with.  The outcome has the potential to benefit almost every other area of what we do.  Your Inner Circle membership has given us the most valuable commodity of all – the time to focus on, and execute this plan, and I just want to say “Thank you” for coming along with us on this journey. 


 Ed Downs