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The Ultimate Trend Package Just Got Even Better!

Swing Trading Like You have
Never Experienced Before

The original Intrinsic Trend Module provided Nirvana customers with a unique and powerful package that provides excellent trend trades.

With the Intrinsic Trend Module 2, we drafted off this proprietary technology and now you can get great swing trades too!

Big Winners with ITM2

The Intrinsic Trend Module identifies the true trend for every security analyzed.  Armed with this information, we created a strategy called IT2 Swing which finds great swing trades in the direction of the actual trend.  Paired with our IT2 Swing Scan, the strategy consistently finds swing trades returning over 1% average profit per trade.

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Delivering Consistent Gains

The Intrinsic Trend Module measures not only trend direction, but also trend strength, and smoothness.  Armed with this information, the New ITM 2 finds great swing trades and delivers consistent gains.

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The Ultimate Trend Trading Package Just Got Even BETTER!

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