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Zacks is the leader in market data analysis, with awesome
group classifications.  Now they are in GroupTrader 4.0!

NOW!  ETF Trader is included with Group Trader!

Trade ETF's using component consensus!

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Profiting from Group Rotation

When multiple stocks in a Group turn at the same time, an EXPLOSIVE MOVE typically occurs. AND, LOWER RISK trades can be made because we are following the money in the market.

What if we could be alerted to these situations when
they occur? That’s exactly what GroupTrader 4.0 does!

Find and Trade Explosive Moves Like These!

A Powerful Yet Simple
User Interface

GroupTrader 4.0 will help you find and
trade the most profitable Group Rotations. But the best part is that it’s easy to use. A button at the bottom of the Focus List is labeled Group/ETF.

Click this button and the lower section of the Focus List instantly turns into a Group Component View, with all of the symbols in the Group displayed! This is where the awesome power of GroupTrader quickly becomes apparent.

When multiple correlated stocks in a Group turn up (or down), a strong Group Rotation is likely to be underway. And that’s information we can profit from!

The Easiest and MOST PROFITABLE Way to Trade Group Rotations

GroupTrader 4.0 brings together all the essential
elements for profitable Group Rotation Trading.

GroupTrader Focus List

GroupTrader 4.0 provides you with a special Focus List that allows you to see the components of any Group or Sector with the click of a button.

Group Consensus Signals

Know when a Group is ready to move using Group Signals generated by a consensus of the Group’s components. GroupTrader 4.0 arms you with instant knowledge of how many of the main Group components are primed for action!

GroupTrader Toolbar

GroupTrader provides you with a view of any number of charts immediately with the Group Chart Button. This powerful feature allows you to quickly page through the Group’s components to find the best trading opportunities.

GroupTrader Sorting Feature

Establish several different sorts to bring the best candidates to the top of the list and control how your Group Signals are generated. Sorts can be done on numerous criteria, including Correlation, BETA and Relative Strength to the Group Signal

Use Our Groups, or Create Your Own!

You can use GroupTrader 4.0 right out of the box to evaluate Nirvana’s Groups. But you can also easily create your own Groups based on your own criteria!


GroupTrader 4.0 comes with three Profiles designed to help you MAKE MONEY in three key timeframes.

  • GT Short Term
  • GT Medium Term
  • GT Long Term

Group Rotation Doesn't Get Any Better

"Better than Vegas!"

Group Consensus Trading can be VERY profitable!

This Group Rotation can be in Staffing & Outsourcing Services moved 36% in just two months!

Trading Correlated Groups is the Key

What is "Correlation?"

Here, we see two stocks in the Money Center Banks Group - Bank of America (BAC) and Ohio Legacy Corp (OLCB). It is obvious that OLCB tends to move erratically relative to the Group, while BAC tends to move up and down in harmony with the Group chart – they’re correlated.

A Buy Signal in BAC could be a leading indicator for the Money Center Banks. But if five or more Correlated charts are turning up at the SAME TIME, it stands to reason that there is a fundamental event occurring that is related to the Group. Therefore, the Group itself is MUCH more likely to turn up

Powerful Statistics

Statistics help isolate the symbols that are most predictive of Group movement, as well as those that tend to move the most consistently with a Group or a given symbol. You can measure BETA, Correlation, and Relative Strength to ANY symbol.

A Powerful New Way to Trade ETFs

The GroupTrader concept works on ETFs for the same reason it works on Groups. The difference is, we base our Trading Signals on Weights rather than Correlation. When a majority of the highest weighted symbols that make up an ETF are bullish, the ETF has a much greater chance of rallying.

To implement this in GroupTrader, we added a
database with individual ETF constituent weights. ETF Trader takes these weights into account when generating the Consensus Signal for an ETF.

An example of this concept is shown above. The table below the chart lists the constituents of the ETF. ETF Trader analyzed and voted them to arrive at a Consensus Signal on the Vote Line by considering the individual weights of the constituents.

The value of this feature is enormous! If you are not yet trading ETFs, you’re going to want to take a look at these Signals. If you are trading ETFs, you’re going to be amazed at how powerful the Consensus Signal technique is!

A Powerful New Way to Trade ETFs

A Great Way to Trade Sector Rotations

ETF Trader is used on ETFs the same way GroupTrader is used on Industry Groups. Simply load your Focus List with the ETFs you are interested in trading, and the rest is handled automatically.

There are nearly 900 ETFs available, including about 300 Sector ETFs in the Energy, Health Care, Communications,

Financials, Precious Metals, Real Estate, Utility Stocks and Technology Sectors.

The database we provide with ETF Trader includes the constituents of the ETFs when available and their weights, so ETF Trader can generate the best possible Consensus Signals based on weight.

Another feature in ETF Trader related to ETF weights is the Weight Sort Criteria. This allows you to sort the constituents of the ETF by weight, as shown above.

2 Great Bonuses Now Included
with GroupTrader 4.0!

Just Released: Zacks Groups!

We are proud to announce the availability of Zacks groups in GroupTrader!

Zacks is the leader in market data analysis. Zacks classifies each company into both sector and industry groups, based on a company's business model, providing the best and most correlated industry groups possible, which is of course what GroupTrader is all about!

We provide all Zacks group symbols including 16 Sectors, 63 Industry Groups and 250 Sub-Groups (called "Expanded Groups" by Zacks).

The original groups that were included in prior versions of GroupTrader are still selectable, but Zacks Group updates are now provided through our relationship through Zacks, at no charge to Nirvana Data customers.

We have found the Zacks groups to be well constructed and curated by the company. Their website,, offers various professional services around their groups, including group ranking.

GroupTrader is all about finding CONSENSUS SIGNALS in these groups - a very powerful way of determining that many symbols in a group are turning up or down. It's the best TIMING model you can get, and it's available with your Nirvana Data Subscription at no additional cost.

ETF Constituents are also available to Group Trader 4.0 users, updated from Zacks every day. Adding Zacks groups to GroupTrader was a winning move!

We are pleased to announce that ETF Trader is now INCLUDED with GroupTrader 4.0! Plus, get this BONUS Seminar with your purchase.

Nirvana Seminars are now provided on-line and are immediately available when you order GroupTrader 4.

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