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Swing Trading Bundle

Nirvana's Swing Trader is your turn-key solution to engaging the marketing and making profits with Swing Trading. Get started for as little as $99.

Recent Success From Swing Trader Live

HLF HLF - Herbalife Nutrition 6.6% Gain in 5 Days! HLF identified as a swing trade candidate with Omnitrader Swing Trade market scans FINDING THE TRADE TAKING THE PROFIT Watch the Live Sessions on our YouTube Channel HLF on MarketWatch HLF on Yahoo Finance In the October 1, 2020 Swing Trader Live Session Jeff identified HLF as one of several swing trade candidates utilizing the powerful OmniTrader strategy scans included with the Swing Trader Plus bundle. This is just one of the several successful swing trade candidates identified and executed during the Swing Trader Live sessions in October so far. Many of the other open positions from that Live session are still open and still building profits. PRTS Slide PRTS - US Auto Parts Network 13% Gain in 2 Days PRTS US Auto Parts Network TAKING THE PROFIT Watch the Live Sessions on our YouTube Channel PRTS on MarketWatch PRTS on Yahoo Finance In October Jeff identified PRTS as one of several swing trade candidates utilizing the powerful OmniTrader strategy scans included with the Swing Trader Plus bundle. We bought into this trade at 11.20/share and sold at 12.67 2 days later capturing a gain of 13% in just 2 days!

What Is Swing Trading?

Swing Trading is a speculative trading strategy where you buy and hold an asset for at least one day in an effort to profit from the changes in prices, or swings in the market. Swing Trading is described by Investopedia as " of the best trading styles for the beginning trader to get his or her feet wet, but still offers significant profit potential for intermediate and advanced strategies."

A Swing Trader Bundle for every path




Profitable, fast, & effective solution to start Swing Trading today!



First Month



The Essential bundle PLUS Conners RSI & a suite of How-To courses!

Get your first month of Swing Trader Plus for just $5. Auto renewal applies. Cancel anytime. See the Details Here




The Plus bundle with a full suite of premium swing trading plugins!

Swing Trading is ideal for a wide range of traders with a wide range of time available and budget
A Swing Trading Solution for every goal and every budget


Swing Traders targeting good returns

New & Advanced Swing Traders targeting better returns

The Professional Swing Trader targeting the best returns

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Try Swing Trader Plus for 30 days for just $5. Auto renewal applies. Cancel anytime. Details.

three Bundles : One Complete Method

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Nirvana Swing Trader Bundle comes with as much, or as little, education as you want
Concise and easy to follow instruction
Nirvana's Swing Trader Bundle provides the best trading platform available, OmniTrader, and a host of plugins
Everything you need to Swing Trade today
Live trading and training sessions are a key to success with Nirvana's Swing Trader bundles, and included with your subscription to ensure you find the right trades every time
Follow Along and trade live with the pros
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Try Swing Trader Plus for 30 days for just $5. Auto renewal applies. Cancel anytime. Details.

keys to Swing Trading?

Swing Trading involves holding equities anywhere from a day or two, up to months, in anticipation of upward movements in price. Swing Traders use stop losses and profit targets to utilize their established risk/reward ratios and find profits in the market. Some Swing Traders use technical indicators or price action movements to find the right opportunity to capture market profits.
Swing Trading typically works best with large-cap stocks traded most actively on the large exchanges. When the market is active, these large-cap stocks will swing between the defined extremes of high and low. The successful Swing Trader is riding the wave in one direction for a period of time waiting for the right moment, called a signal, to exit the trade or switch sides of the wave.
I've made $1,312 in the past two days
I'm enjoying the classes ... and made $1,312 in the past two days using what I've learned from Jeff's classes 🙂

Steve M.

Nirvana Customer

what's included

Follow The Pro's With Swing Trader Live!

Your Swing Trader subscription includes Live Sessions!

Every Monday at 5:30pm CST, our experts host a one hour Swing Trader Live sessions that all Swing Trader subscribers can attend.

Every week we will review what happened in the stock market and determine what to expect in the upcoming week.

We will cover topics including:
  • Broad market analysis and outlook
  • Determine major market levels to watch
  • Identifying the hot industry groups
  • Hand picked stocks to trade
  • Upcoming economic events
  • Special guest with market relevant analysis
  • ...and much more!

Join us every Monday and get ready to profit in the days to come!

What Nirvana Clients are Saying About Swing Trading

I'm sincerely grateful for your swing trader plugin!

Thank you for the Extra Effort assets that you provided your Swing Traders with this last few weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed every issue and every recording. I have learned a lot and it is benefiting my trading account. I had my best trading week this last week in several months - much of it due to a change in trading style from Day Trading to Swing Trading. I'm still a work in progress, but I AM PROGRESSING. I'm sincerely grateful for your Swing plugin and your instruction.

Will W. Nirvana Trader

So Valuable

I cannot tell you how valuable I have found the Swing Trading Package. I have been a full-time professional trader for 35 years and first worked on Wall St in 1965. The Swing Trading Package has provided a great means of suggesting stocks to trade. The quality of candidates is excellent and I can see that even using it mechanically would yield great results. This package would be of great value to any trader regardless of experience.

Barry S. Nirvana Trader

Congratulations on Swing Trader!

Congratulations on Swing Trader!

I want to personally thank you for creating such a splendid Swing Trading course. I was simply overwhelmed by the quality of the course materials and the obviously intricate detail you have gone into to create a fully integrated swing trading methodology. In short it was what I would try to achieve (but would probably fall short of) if I were creating my own trading technique.

Congratulations and please keep up the good work!

Tom H. Nirvana Trader

Nirvana's Commitment Is Unequaled

Your commitment to the trading goals of the company and club are unequaled. The technical support is timely and support consultants are always willing to go the extra mile to solve problems or answer questions on product use. Nirvana's educational material is well planned and produced.

James Hill

Extremely innovative team!

It's great to be a part of an extremely innovative team, which treats me as "part of the family".

Jim D. Nirvana Trader since 1993
Meet Jeff Drake, your swing trading instructor...
Jeff Drake is a core instructor in the education department at Nirvana Systems. He is a seasoned trader with over 20 years of Swing Trading Experience. He and his team have compressed everything you need to know into a compact course that only takes a few minutes a day to trade successfully.
Jeff Drake joined the Nirvana team in 1998 and quickly rose to the role of Director of Education. He has created and presented countless seminars, publications, and tutorials on trading with Nirvana software. Jeff currently leads a team of scientists in his role as Director of Trading Technology. Jeff and his team have developed many profitable Trading Strategies, modules, plugins, and other Nirvana products that help traders find their path to success every single day.
Jeff Drake's Swing Trading courses are outstanding and will get you trading in no time
Jeff Drake
Director of Trading Technology

your path to swing trading success starts here

Why Swing Trade With OmniTrader?

The foremost fundamental to success with Swing Trading is picking the right stocks. 

Swing Trading with OmniTrader takes the guesswork out of, among many other things, what equities to trade, when to buy, and when to sell. OmniTrader's extensive automation capacities combined with built in trading methods & strategies make OmniTrader a must-have tool for the successful Swing Trader by producing trade ideas as well as actionable and verifiable signals for buying and selling. You don't have to guess or pay for a seperate "stock picking" service. Let OmniTrader's powerful market intelligence, built in market scans, and available trading plans find the most profitable trade ideas and then automate the execution to perfectly time your profit taking! Make smart, informed, on-strategy trades quickly and profitably with OmniTrader.
Nirvana's Swing Trader Bundle is complete with OmniTrader, the best trading platform available.

Everything You Need To Swing Trade Today

Swing Trade with OmniTrader

Value $495, included with EssentialsPlus, and Professional bundles.

Swing Trading is all about taking advantage of short term trading opportunities. This includes determining the broad market sentiment and then looking at any other market factors we should consider. Armed with this information, OmniTrader automatically finds the hottest swing trading candidates for you. Unlike other swing trading approaches, OmniTrader will determine exactly where to exit every swing trade.

Why Swing Trade With OmniTrader?

  • OmniTrader automatically scans the market to find opportunities and trade ideas
  • OmniTrader creates exceptionally accurate buy and sell signals automatically
  • Swing Trading with OmniTrader requires minimal time to maximize opportunities
  • OmnTrader's superior level of automation makes Swing Trading easy and profitable
OmniTrader The Easiest Trading Platform in the World, thanks to Automation.
OmniTrader is the best trading platform available with powerful automation

Swing Trader Strategies And Premium Plugins

Nirvana's plugin network is stocked with powerful tools designed to bring powerful automation to your chart patterns, trading signals, strategy testing, and so much more! Each plugin is designed to compliment a different trading strategy, deliver different signals, and engage different market types.

Swing Trader strategy for profitable returns.

Value $195, included with EssentialsPlus, and Professional bundles.

Premium Swing Trader Plugin for better returns.

Value $995, included with Plus and Professional bundles. Upgrade available for Essentials bundle subscribers.

Connors RSI - Represents a new way to calculate Relative Strength that combines Class (Wilder’s) RSI with two additional indicators.  It is this combination that transformed a good indicator into a truly great one!

Watch Jef Drake discuss Connors RSI in great detail during a Swing Trader Live session - Click Here!

All 8 Premium Swing Trader Plugins for the best returns.

Value $4,460, included with the Professional bundle. Upgrades available for Essentials and Plus bundle subscribers.

Advanced Cycle Trader - Lets you know whether the market is in a bullish trend, a bearish trend, or a cyclical trading range, increasing your chances of success regardless of trading style or timeframe.

Connors RSI - Represents a new way to calculate Relative Strength that combines Class (Wilder’s) RSI with two additional indicators.  It is this combination that transformed a good indicator into a truly great one!

CPRM6 - Automatically finds the stocks with the strongest patterns in the market!

Hidden Divergence Module - Powerful Reversals Literally Jump Off the Charts! Divergence is a powerful and time-tested technique that is based on the observation that new strength or weakness in an indicator tends to lead or predict moves in the price chart.

Hurst Cycle Trader - When these lines are broken, buy or sell orders are placed in the market.

Market Pulse - Profit from the Pulse of the Market! Great Indicators and Strategies to make the concept come alive in your charts.

SnapAnalyzer - Find the Most Explosive Moves with SnapAnalyzer! All markets provide opportunities like those shown in the charts above – overextended points that invite buyers to enter the market at a temporary reduction in price.

WaveTrader - Markets move in waves. They rally, pull back, rally, and pull back again within the primary trend. WaveTrader is included with all 3 Swing Trader bundles.

your path to swing trading success starts here

Swing Trader Bundle includes education to suit your needs and goals.

Concise And Easy To Follow Instruction

intro to swing trading
Value $195, included with Essentials, Plus, and Professional bundles.

Discover the essential elements to consistent gains with Intro to Swing Trading. You'll get the instruction and tools you need to start generating real profits quickly!
Technical Analysis Bootcamp  
Value $495, included with Essentials, Plus, and Professional bundles.

3 Courses to get you up to speed on Technical Analysis quickly
  • Technical Indicators (103) : you will easily be able to decipher what the chart is telling you about current trading conditions.
  • Technical Analysis Foundations (106) : basic technical analysis concepts and introduces you to more advanced analysis techniques.
  • Pivot Points (110) : one of the most versatile and powerful tools available to traders. They can help us identify trend reversals, trend continuations and great entries as well.
intro to  OmniTrader
Value $295, included with Essentials, Plus, and Professional bundles.

is Nirvana's flagship trading platform and one of the most powerful in the world; we want to help you realize all that it has to offer. OmniTrader expert, Angela Duran, takes you on a special tour of OmniTrader and reveals many of its unknown features. This two-part course will empower you with knowledge that allows you to take advantage of all that OmniTrader has to offer.
Whether you trade intraday or after-market hours, Angela will show you how to advance from being a mere OmniTrader user to become an OmniTrader master!
Premium Swing Trader Method
Value $395, included with Plus and Professional bundles. Upgrade available for Essentials bundle subscribers.

This workshop is much more than simply “stock picking”. We will show you the effect of using different execution techniques, how to determine trade size, and much more. We begin by analyzing the broad market, and then we look for the type of swing trades conducive to profiting in that market. We will also focus on different ways to manage the swing trade in order to take every trade to an optimal conclusion.
Swing Trading Simulation
Value $395, included with the Professional bundle. Upgrade available for Essentials and Plus bundle subscribers.

Swing Trading Simulation: Recorded simulation session. Watch the method in action. 

The Nirvana System team of Success Coaches is here to help you find the answers to your trading questions. No sales pitch. Just answers and solutions to how Nirvana Systems and The All Access Pass can help you find your path to trading success
Angela D.
20 Year Nirvana Team Member & Nirvana Success Coach
Questions? I Can Help!
Book a call with our Success team and we will help you find the answers you need.

No sales pitch. Just answers and solutions!

$5 First Month Offer Details: You can get 30 days of access to the Swing Trader Plus bundle for just $5. After the first month the bundle will renew automatically at the regular rate of $129 per month. You can cancel anytime. No refunds are given for the trial period.

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