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Swing Trader Plus


How Does Swing Trader Plus Work?

Swing Trader Plus is everything you need to engage the market with profitable and accurate swing trading strategies.

Get signals on great trade ideas every day, automatically, and in just a few clicks using the OmniTrader 2021 platform combined with plugins designed specifically for finding swing trade candidates in today's markets.

Swing Trader Plus combines Nirvana's powerful Connors RSI and Swing Trader Strategy plugins with OmniTrader to deliver one complete package for finding the best swing trade ideas every day. Get a 30-day trial of end-of-day market data from OmniData; as well as 30 days of daily stock picks and trade management updates from Alerts, Nirvana's professionally curated daily stock picking service.

Combine these powerful technologies with world class support and service and you can start swing trading today with Nirvana's Swing Trader Plus.

What Is Swing Trading?

Swing Trading is a speculative trading strategy where you buy and hold an asset for at least one day in an effort to profit from the changes in prices, or swings in the market.

Swing Trading is described by Investopedia as "...one of the best trading styles for the beginning trader to get his or her feet wet, but still offers significant profit potential for intermediate and advanced strategies."


Hear What Nirvana Customers are Saying about Swing Trader Plus:

Nirvana has succeeded over the years because they genuinely want to make your trading experience easier and more profitable. They are not simply a "software" company. The Nirvana Club is a family of traders. “

- William Huffaker

Keys To Swing Trading?

Swing Trading involves holding equities anywhere from a day or two, up to months, in anticipation of upward movements in price. Swing Traders use stop losses and profit targets to utilize their established risk/reward ratios and find profits in the market. Some Swing Traders use technical indicators or price action movements to find the right opportunity to capture market profits.

Swing Trading typically works best with large-cap stocks traded most actively on the large exchanges. When the market is active, these large-cap stocks will swing between the defined extremes of high and low. The successful Swing Trader is riding the wave in one direction for a period of time waiting for the right moment, called a signal, to exit the trade or switch sides of the wave.

What's Included

Swing Trader Plus is a powerful trading solution for the Serious Trader! Plus includes OmniTrader, the Connors RSI Plugin, 30 days of free data, and a 30 day trial of Swing Trader Alerts!

OmniTrader 2021 Platform
Connors RSI - Find The Right Market Signals Every Day
Nirvana's Swing Trader Strategy Plugin
30 Day Trial of Market Data from OmniData
Extensive OmniTrader, Strategy, & Market Training
World Class Support And Service. Never Trade Alone!
Enjoy a 30 Day Trial of Swing Trader Alerts

Why Swing Trade With OmniTrader?

The Foremost Fundamental To Success With Swing Trading Is Picking The Right Stocks.

Swing Trading with OmniTrader takes the guesswork out of, among many other things, what equities to trade, when to buy, and when to sell. OmniTrader's extensive automation capacities combined with built in trading methods & strategies make OmniTrader a must-have tool for the successful Swing Trader by producing trade ideas as well as actionable and verifiable signals for buying and selling. You don't have to guess or pay for a seperate "stock picking" service. Let OmniTrader's powerful market intelligence, built in market scans, and available trading plans find the most profitable trade ideas and then automate the execution to perfectly time your profit taking! Make smart, informed, on-strategy trades quickly and profitably with OmniTrader.

Enjoy a 30 Day Trial of Swing Trader Alerts




The Nirvana Story

A Message from the CEO.

I founded Nirvana Systems over 30 years ago... I fell in love with the potential profits offered by the markets and began looking for good tools to engage them... I quickly realized that my own emotions were getting in the way of my success. It was also difficult to find good candidates.

Since I was an engineer, I started thinking “Why not automate this process?”

I got so excited about the idea, I formed Nirvana Systems and began working on how to automate my trading. We tried many approaches, and in 1992 invented OmniTrader based on what we learned from using other software.

Our software is backed by our unconditional Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, you may return the software, within 30-days of purchase, for a 100% refund. Texas residents add 8.25% sales tax. 

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