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Swing Trader: Professional

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Today's market is ripe for Swing Traders


  • We're here to make sure you get what you need and have the resources to succeed. Have questions? Need more info? Call, email, or chat - we're here to help!
  • If needed, and at no cost to you, we will set up a remote support session with you and ensure that everything is installed and connected properly.
  • After you subscribe you will get an email with the download links for everything you need. We recommend including this email address ( in your "safe senders" list in your email client to ensure important emails do not go to spam. If you are unsure of how to do that, click here.
  • Since this subscription does include market data, it is important to be on the lookout for the email from Nirvana Systems and follow the step-by-step instructions.
  • One of our trained success team members will reach out quickly to ensure that you have everything you need to successfully begin your swing trading journey.

You will have a full 30 days of access to Swing Trader Plus and all of its resources.

Some new swing traders like to take advantage of the suite of education and gain a new level of understanding and market skill. Other swing traders just need a refresher course and access just the education topics they need. The choice is entirely yours. The education materials, bootcamp, and method workshop are yours to utilize in the way that supports your goals and needs the best.

...Your Swing Trader Plus Bundle Includes...


  • OmniTrader platform with EOD data
  • Swing Trader Method & Strategy Assets for OmniTrader
  • All 8 Premium Swing Trader Plugins for the best returns.
    • Advanced Cycle Trader - Lets you know whether the market is in a bullish trend, a bearish trend, or a cyclical trading range, increasing your chances of success regardless of trading style or timeframe.
    • Connors RSI - Represents a new way to calculate Relative Strength that combines Class (Wilder’s) RSI with two additional indicators. It is this combination that transformed a good indicator into a truly great one!
    • CPRM6 - Automatically finds the stocks with the strongest patterns in the market!
    • Hidden Divergence Module - Powerful Reversals Literally Jump Off the Charts! Divergence is a powerful and time-tested technique that is based on the observation that new strength or weakness in an indicator tends to lead or predict moves in the price chart.
    • Hurst Cycle Trader - When these lines are broken, buy or sell orders are placed in the market.
    • Market Pulse - Profit from the Pulse of the Market! Great Indicators and Strategies to make the concept come alive in your charts.
    • SnapAnalyzer - Find the Most Explosive Moves with SnapAnalyzer! All markets provide opportunities like those shown in the charts above – overextended points that invite buyers to enter the market at a temporary reduction in price.
    • WaveTrader - Markets move in waves. They rally, pull back, rally, and pull back again within the primary trend. WaveTrader is included with all 3 Swing Trader bundles.


  • Intro To OmniTrader (Value $295): OmniTrader is Nirvana's flagship trading platform and one of the most powerful in the world! The Intro to OmniTrader how-to course is ideal for getting you from zero to trading-the-market quickly. Follow along as the experts explain what to do and why in a concise and easy to follow format that will eliminate the uncertainty of what to do on day 1 and every day thereafter.
  • Intro To Swing Trading (Value $195): Discover the essential elements to consistent gains with Intro to Swing Trading. You'll get the instruction and tools you need to start generating real profits quickly!
  • Technical Analysis Bootcamp (Value $495): 3 Courses to get you up to speed on Technical Analysis quickly.
    • Technical Indicators (103) : You will easily be able to decipher what the chart is telling you about current trading conditions.
    • Technical Analysis Foundations (106) : Basic technical analysis concepts and introduces you to more advanced analysis techniques.
    • Pivot Points (110) : One of the most versatile and powerful tools available to traders. They can help us identify trend reversals, trend continuations and great entries as well.


  • Premium Swing Trader Method (Value $395): This workshop is much more than simply “stock picking”. We will show you the effect of using different execution techniques, how to determine trade size, and much more. We begin by analyzing the broad market, and then we look for the type of swing trades conducive to profiting in that market. We will also focus on different ways to manage the swing trade in order to take every trade to an optimal conclusion.


  • Every Monday at 5:30 central time Jeff Drake goes live and host a 30-45 minute webinar that every swing trader should attend. Jeff will discuss the markets and where to look for opportunities. He will identify some solid swing trading candidates and explain the details of how he found them (using OmniTrader and Connors RSI), why they make good swing trading candidates, and where to get in and out of the trades. From time to time Jeff will bring in special guest who have something of value to offer our swing trading community. The Live Sessions are enjoyable to watch, highly valuable to any swing trader engaged in the market, and included in your Swing Trader bundle.
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