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The only thing missing is YOU.

The first three weeks of Stay Calm – Trade Strong have been amazing.  Not only are we making money in this market, our attendees are making the event better and better.  I’m writing today to explain how this event can dramatically improve your profits – not just now, but long into the future.   And to tell you about the Special Offer we are making!

Real Trades

The following Alert on AVB was posted Thursday in the Trade Strong Notification app. It’s just one of the many trades I have personally taken. The stock climbed Friday to a perfect consolidation target, gaining 8% without using options!

I have taken a number of option trades in my real account using the candidates posted that are still in trade, like this one in New York Mtg Trust (NYMT). It’s already up 200%!

The Trades are great, but it’s HOW we find them that counts.

The team and I are explaining exactly HOW we are finding these, as well as HOW we are selecting the Options to trade them. We are also pointing out Groups that are being accumulated and evaluating directional strength and weakness on the major indexes.

Working at Home? Trade While You Work – with VisualTrader!

I’m not at home, but I AM working on a number of important Nirvana projects, including OmniFunds, ARM6 and others. Even so, I can still actively engage the market – thanks to VisualTrader 12! VisualTrader is the perfect tool to alert us to trades as they come up. Each day, I show attendees how I am using VisualTrader to actively engage the market with the Leading Indicator and Alerts notifying me when it’s time to take action. You’ll quickly see why I call VisualTrader my “trading buddy!”

Real Interactions

The first day, attendees asked for a way to talk to each other during the event. We added a special chat room for attendee-to-attendee communication, and that has been very popular.

To the right, you can see some of the conversation from Friday. This is a live, vibrant exchange of information in real time between our customers.

Sure beats watching ABC News all day!

Make sure you take advantage of our Special Offer to attend Trade Strong next week!

Special Downloadable Assets for all Attendees

In the Library, you will find a number of great trading assets you can download, including:

Special OmniScans
       - Resilient Stocks – Stocks that are showing short term stability.
       - RT Movers – Stocks that are making large intraday moves.
       - Falling Stocks – Stocks that are currently losing significant value.
       - HLLH – Opportunities generated by the WaveTrader approach.

       - Higher Lows Strategy – Powerful application of WaveTrader technology.
       - VisualTrader Map – Steve Belknap's Sector Map.
       - Real Time indicator – “Quant Ticks” provided by Thomas Helget.
       - OmniTrader Profile – Jeff Drake’s Real Time and EOD profiles used in Trade Strong.

Relevant Information & Education

Each day, we post Groups to Watch and Stocks to Watch as candidates for the next day’s market. Just watching these candidates has pointed to way to some monster moves.

We are also showing folks how to use all our software – OmniScans, OmniTrader and VisualTrader. Here are just a few of the special 5-10 minute vignettes we have published during the first four sessions.

       - How Ed uses VisualTrader to prospect for powerful moves in Real Time.
       - How Jeff uses our Strategies to automatically find great moves.
       - Which Scans are producing the best candidates.

Plus special instructional “How-To” videos, like these, which are currently posted to the site.

       - How to add quick groups to VT.
       - How to import symbols to OT and VT from a text file.
       - How to use Fulcrums.
       - And more!

What Attendees are Saying:

Excellent Event.  You guys Rock!

– Ben Quarless

It has been like being part of the huddle on game day. Thanks to the hole team for a job well done!

– Lawrence Humphries

"Simply put, “Stay Calm – Trade Strong” has greatly exceeded my expectations. In just a few days, I’ve learned many new methods and grown my skills using both Omni Trader and Visual Trader. I have more confidence trading in this historically volatile market and feel well positioned to navigate the uncertain weeks and months ahead. The presentations and interactions throughout each day have been great and I can’t say enough good things about the expert staff at Nirvana Systems. Well done!” 

– Nick Wold, AZ

"This has been an exceptional experience for many reasons, including...
•We’re being given all the tools: The Profiles and Trade maps are indispensable.

Traders are learning how to build their own lists, and importantly, scans.

•Posting videos of each day’s relevant sessions provides a great EOD review as

well as allowing those who are working to catch anything they missed.

•Commentary by Jeff, Ryan, Steve, Ed, etc., are simply excellent. It’s beneficial to

see how each is selecting scans and the kinds of setups they’re looking for.

•I’m enjoying reviewing and relearning what I once knew so well (e.g. analyze from highest time frame down to the time frame one is trading, in my cases 5 min; not closing out of profitable positions until there is a valid sell signal or violation of my perimeters).

After our first week, I must tell you honestly, this is a fantastic event … the best yet! You know I’m a big fan of Nirvana, so I don’t have to beat the drum. It just keeps getting better though and I thought I’d let you know. Have a wonderful, safe weekend." 

– John Leslie, CAN

The Timing Couldn’t be More Perfect.

This market is moving, folks. In the 3 weeks of Trade Strong, it’s already up over 20%. If you are “sheltering at home” this is the perfect time for you to not only make money, but learn how to use OmniTrader and VisualTrader in the live market. And we aren’t just talking about day trading. Our End of Day Candidate list is curated every night to consider position trades.

Special Offer!

This is the final week for Trade Strong!  You can attend this week for $395.  But I REALLY want you to experience the power of this event, so I’m reducing the price to Trade Strong for this week to just $199 (Nirvana Club Discount applies – members pay just $119 **).

What an amazing deal! We normally charge $295 for 2 hour webinars on key topics. Trade Strong goes from 9:30am to 4:00pm EDT. That’s up to 32 hours of content for the same price! AND, you get all the Assets we have uploaded and will upload next week.

Why be bored at home when you could be getting the Education of a Lifetime! 

Trade Strong Now
Trade Smart in the future.

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