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Revolutionizing your understanding of Supply and Demand

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The secrets of the Pros have been revealed with Nirvana's iZones.  Now you will be able to see key trade supply and demands levels that have been making Banks, Mutual Funds and Pension funds rich for years!

"Kudos to Nirvana for the iZones - the best rule-based approach (to Supply and Demand) I have seen. It's is a great tool and I look forward to working with it." - Larry Johnson

iZones offers an amazing way to view true Supply and Demand Zones across any chart in any time frame.  Stock prices are a direct result of supply and demand. Essentially, price fluctuates across an Equilibrium price that facilitates trade between market participants.  iZones  helps you hone in on these high-probability areas, so you can trade with more confidence.

Visualizing Value with Supply and Demand Zones 

Discover hidden Supply and Demand Zones - BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!

Introducing izones

iZones are similar to your support and resistance levels.  However, iZones are much more powerful because they are based on the strength of a reversal and price active around a reversal

A Major Market Force

All movement in the markets is based on supply and demand.  An imbalance between the two causes markets to rise and fall.  However, when abnormal imbalances exists, we know that institutional forces are contributing, and they are likely to engage around the same price area in the future.

iZones identifies these important areas by examining price activity  around a reversal.  By analyzing how price reacts before and after a reversal, we are able to know the price area where market movers are looking to engage.

Supply and Demand Zones

iZones identify both Supply and Demand Zones.  The above charts show examples of both.  Once an iZone is detected , we look for it to provide support or resistance in the near future.

The charts on these pages show how iZones illuminate powerful reversal potential.  iZones can help to confirm trades in any market or timeframe.  They can also be used to help us maximize gains.

"Freshness" Matters
For Profitable Trades

Supply and Demand Zones are dynamic.  iZones will track the current zones in order to watch for them to be tested.  However, as the supply and demand of the market changes, new Supply and Demand Zones are formed.

When this happens, iZones will stop tracking the previous zones and plot new zones.  This provides a dynamic indicator that automatically adjust to the current market forces.

Fresh Demand Zones adjust as demand changes over time.

This real time chart of (ADBE) shows iZones in action.

iZones Trading Success

How can we use iZones in trading?   The visual cues provided by this amazing indicator can be extremely helpful in confirming any trade from any strategy.  The examples show where iZones reversals are occurring.

It is absolutely uncanny how often these moves occur and how well they work.  While iZones are valuable as a visual confirming indicator, we are also providing four Trading Strategies based on iZones Logic!

Get "In the Zone" - With iZones!

iZones Strategies

The iZones package includes a wealth of trading tools, including four trading strategies that help find great reversal trades in both End of Day and Real Time.

The iZones EOD Strategies

End of Day traders will love the trades generated by the iZones EOD Strategies.  These strategies look for trades once a strong iZone is detected.

The chart for Priceline shows two incredible iZone trades.  Both trades show a strong reaction when the Demand Zone is tested, leading to large gains.

The iZones EOD Strategy and Trade Plan finds medium to long term trades that can provide outstanding returns.

The iZones RT Strategy generates profits with both short and long trades.  (Note:The iZones are not shown on this chart)

The iZones RT Strategy

Real Time traders are going to be ecstatic to add iZones to their trading arsenal.  The iZones RT Strategy finds both long and short trades in lower intraday timeframes.

The example of O'Reilly on the left shows a series of profitable trades in the span of three days.  Note the strong moves that occur due to the Supply and Demand Zones being tested

Special Seminar

The iZones plug-in delivers a wealth of powerful trading tools, and in The Profit Magic of iZones we will teach you how to use them all. Jeff Drake, the head developer of iZones, takes you through a  comprehensive tour of the plug-in and shows you how you can apply iZones to your trading

The seminar begins with a discussion on the growing popularity of Supply and Demand Zones, which are the bedrock concept behind iZones.  We then look at how Nirvana Systems has expanded upon this concept in order to provide these zones for any market or timeframe.

This seminar then explores the components of the iZones plug-in.  We spend significant time showing you how iZones are built and how they can be adjusted to your trading.

We wrapup the seminar by looking at actual trading with iZones.  jeff shows you how to confirm entries and exits with the zones, and also how to use the provided Trading Strategies in order to find great iZones trades.

The profit Magic of iZones makes sure that you are armed with the information you need to apply iZones to your trading, and use the tools provided to realize trading success in 2021.

The Profit Magic of iZones Seminar Agenda

  • The Concept Behind iZones
  • Why Price Consistently Reacts to iZones
  • How an iZone is Detected
  • How to Plot iZones in Any Timeframe
  • Why "Fresh" iZones are Money Makers
  • How to Use iZones for Entry Confirmation
  • Maximizing Profits with iZones
  • Exploring the iZones Profile
  • Using the iZones Profile
  • How to Trade with the iZones Strategies
  • Creating Your Own iZones

Important Information: Futures, options and securities trading has risk of loss and may not be suitable for all persons.  No Strategy can guarantee profits or freedom from loss.  Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.  Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations.  Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do no represent actual trading.

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