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Get a Strategy that works in This market.

iTL​​​​​​​​​​B 3.0

iTLB 3.0

While most trading strategies have struggled with the choppy market in 2018, iTLB 3.0 has been able to find not only great short term trades, but also awesome medium term trades.

All of us would like to catch the first bar of a move.  In fact, if we could catch it one or two bars AHEAD of the move, that would be fabulous!  And that's exactly what the iTLB plug-in is designed to do, by applying Trend Lines to Indicators.

iTLB has fired consistently profitable trades on EMR since May.

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in iTLB 3.0

razor sharp reversals

outstanding reversal signals

New! bull & bear power strategy

swing trading seminar

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Moving Average Breaks

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Combine Strategies for Better Results

Get a Strategy that works in This market.

 iTLB 3.0 is one of our bestsellers with thousands of dedicated OmniTrader users.  These are some of the most profitable Strategies we have ever developed.  It includes Trend Line Breaks on Moving Averages and the Bull/Bear iTLB Strategy, it's unbelievable!  

iTLB Plug-in

Profitable Swing Trading Seminar



Package Includes:
  • iTLB 3.0 Plugin
  • Profitable Swing Seminar


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