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Guppy-Darvas a Dynamic Duo
Lock In MORE PROFITS in 2018!

The profit magic of SqueezeTrader is based on finding one of the most profitable setups in any market. When bulls and bears lock up on a security, price goes into a “squeeze”. Energy becomes pent up in the battle of conflicting sentiment.

Eventually, one side will win. This leads to an explosive move and BIG profits! Now, Nirvana customers can take advantage of one of the best trading setups ever with SqueezeTrader.

Price: $499 or $49/mo

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Profit in ANY Time-frame

Squeeze Trading is popular in both End of Day and Real Time trading. With SqueezeTrader we provide you with two End of Day and two Real Time strategies so you can easily trade the squeeze in any market or timeframe. Just look at some of the recent trades generated by our SqueezeTrader strategies.

SqueezeTrader comes with 4 Strategies and a Powerful Scan that provide exceptional trading opportunities daily.