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CPRM Education

Learn all about Chart Patterns in 3 ways.

1] Get the eBook — It's FREE!

Ed’s eBook, Trading with Chart Patterns is included and covers the basics of how to make money trading with patterns.

2] Seminar on Trading Chart Patterns

3] Pattern Tutor — It's in the Software!

The Pattern Tutor lets you fi nd patterns that are similar to a pattern you see in a chart. CPRM3 has the ability to target specifi c patterns by name, such as “Symmetrical Triangles” or “Trend Line Breaks with 4 Touches of the Line”.

This classification in CPRM3 makes it easy to identify these patterns. Just activate the Pattern Tutor, click the drop-down box, and select one. Instantly, you will see every example of that pattern across all symbols in your Focus List. Click through the list to see the individual examples.

CPRM3 identifies over 50 unique patterns. Using the Pattern Tutor, you will quickly learn about all these powerful patterns and how to use them in your trading. It’s like having a “Pattern Assistant” right inside your OmniTrader or VisualTrader program. 

The Pattern Tutor greatly enhances the Chart Pattern Recognition capability of CPRM3. Not only will you quickly discover how predictive specific patterns are, you will learn which ones predict the biggest moves, and hence the greatest profits.