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It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. It may in fact be worth thousands of dollars.

For the chart on this page, CPRM was activated at Strength “5” which told it to ONLY identify and display the patterns with the greatest strength and the highest probability for success.

All of the masters, from Gann to Murphy, have taught patterns in their writing and all successful traders use them. The problem is, marking patterns on charts by hand is diffi cult and time consuming. It would be great if the computer could do this job for us, but computerized Chart Pattern Recognition (CPR) is very diffi cult to program. It’s not at all surprising that you can’t fi nd robust CPR in any of the products that compete with OmniTrader and VisualTrader.

We decided to tackle this problem. But we didn’t want to just “find patterns”—we wanted to identify the most PROFITABLE ones. So, we invented a process that finds each of the 7 patterns in my book. On Trend Lines, for example, we record the angle of the line and how many times the line is touched before a break or reversal occurs. Just creating the Pattern Recognition engine took many months. We then ran it on 20 years of market data and saved every pattern found in a huge database.

The BEST in the World

CPRM beats everything out there for Chart Pattern recognition:

      ·  Strength Rating System

      ·  Comprehensive Pattern Recognition

      ·  Forming Patterns

      ·  Sub-Patterns

Read about these innovations on the Features Page. 

​The Pattern Recognition is awesome! It shows patterns that I would never have seen without it. I am amazed how it is able to identify so many different patterns and how easy it is to see and use them.” Gary Metzer

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