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OptionTrader 4

OptionTrader 4 allows you to fully engage options without the need of knowing every aspect.

The Best part is - OptionTrader 4 AUTOMATICALLy picks the best option strategy for you!

​Method: Options

Released: ​2016

Seasonality 2.0

Seasonality is based on the observation that price movement often tends to repeat itself on a seasonal basis, mostly used in the analysis of commodities.   Swing and Intraday traders alike can now use this tool to help time their trades with unprecedented granularity. 

​Method: Seasonality

Released: ​2013

Fulcrum 2 

A Fulcrum is a level in the chart from which a strong move is likely to occur. These levels are based on the psychology of technical analysis. As price moves decisively through a level that everyone can see, others jumpin, pushing prices further in the same direction.

​Method: Fulcrum

Released: ​2010

MoneyZone 3

The Money Zone is based on the universally accepted concept known as Market Profile. Itis being used by Real Time and End-of-Day traders alike to trade the most profitable levels in the market.

​Method: Market Profile

Released: ​2015

Chart Pattern Recognition Module 6

The Chart Pattern Recognition Module(CPRM) automatically finds the stocks with the strongest patterns in the market.  Now in CPRM6, we can also find the best patterns in ANY timeframe! This breakthrough in pattern identification technology makes the best Chart Pattern Module more powerful than ever before!

​Method: Patterns

Released: ​2016

Group Trader 3

Group Rotation identifi es the most explosive moves by capitalizing on herd mentality.  The three most important words in trading are, Confirmation, Confirmation, Confirmation.  Buying a basket of symbols in a Group that is turning up has a lot less risk than buying individual stocks.

​Method: Group Rotation

Released: ​2010

Dynamic Profit Module

The Dynamic Profit Module projects Targets based on Cycle Analysis. In addition to Profit Targets and the New Eighths Tool, there are additional many additional ways the Dynamic Profit Module can improve your results.

​Method: Cycle Analysis

Released: ​2011

PairTrader 2

Discover what Hedge Funds, Institutions, and many shrewd Investors have known for years—trading pairs offers consistent profits with reduced risk. It used to be difficult to find and trade pairs, but now there’s PairTrader 2.0! From generating correlated pairs, to analyzing them, to trading the result—PairTrader 2.0 offers it all.

​Method: Security Pairing

Released: ​2010

Strategy Wizard 3

With Strategy Wizard, you can take any Strategy,specify a few inputs to change, like Stop values or System parameters, and let the Wizard test all the combinations on your symbol list. It’s uncanny how well Strategy Wizard can “tune” existing Strategies to the current market.

​Method: Strategy Dev.

Released: ​2012


Imagine seeing the trend direction AND strength of all of the stocks in your list immediately.   Or knowing which stocks are outperforming or underperforming the market at a glance. ProfitView can analyze multiple timeframes, provide industry group confirmation, evaluate volatility and much more!

​Method: Strategy Dev.

Released: ​2013

TradeScope Pro

This new feature in TradeScope Pro will illuminate the power of Technical Analysis in your charts.But what if we could TEST these relationships over past data? Might such a tool enable us to improve the accuracy of our Strategies? Absolutely!

​Method: Strategy Dev.

Released: ​2015

Snap Analyzer

The SnapAnalyzer is our first add-on that takes advantage of OmniTrader tabbed interface. Its graphical dashboard shows you which trades have the greatest “Snap”potential by identifying the key characteristics of the best snapback trades: sharp pullbacks within a strong trending market.

​Method: Confirmation

Released: ​2014