TSN Reversal

Signals of the Day - 4.27.17

Evening folks. All three of the indexes closed with small gains today, so in that vein, we are going to focus on three new buy signals tonight. So, without further ado, let’s dive on in and take a look at TSN.

A new pivot point could be emerging on TSN.

ACT2 Focused Opportunities

Tyson looks very interesting. After testing resistance close to $67, it has pulled back to support at $64.50 and looks to be forming a new higher low and bullish pivot point. It is at the midway point on the Bollinger Band indicator and the MACD looks very healthy. It is also right at the midpoint between the 200 and 50 SMA, which is a great spot to see a reversion move.

The signal was fired off by the Advanced Cycle Trader 2. The theory to ACT2 is simple. It identifies a consistent cycle in the market, where you can buy at the low and sell at the peak. Sounds great right? The problem is that it is very freaking hard to identify a cycle because it is hidden in white market noise or swallowed up by a trend.  Advanced CycleTrader 2.0’s revolutionary uses the power of modern Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques to accurately identify these elusive cycles, and know when to trade them. If you’d like to know the nitty gritty on ACT, check it out here.

If this move continues, we may see it run back up into the $66.50-$67 zone.

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