Harness the Power
of Relative Strength

Make Consistent Gains by Trading the Best Stocks

"Relative Strength is the Most
Powerful Technique I Have Ever Developed."

-Ed Downs

Relative Strength has been used by Traders for years to determine
which stocks are outpacing the market.

When combined with other key market measurements, Relative Strength forms the basis of an incredibly profitable Trading Method! All we have to do is Harness the Power!

The Concept

The whole idea of Relative Strength is that some stocks are accumulated so briskly that they outpace the percentage gains the general market is making, which makes sense because a market index is just an average of many stocks, some going up and some going down. 

High Relative Strength is a very good sign that the stock is going to be accumulated further, or that market participants are moving out of it. 

In the chart above on AAPL, you can see the Relative Strength indicator going GREEN when the underlying symbol is moving up faster than the market.  We also note that accumulation zones appearing in succession often indicate an explosive and continued bullish move is underway.  That’s what we are looking for! 

Now, all we have to do is scan the market for the highest ranked stocks using this method – and trade them with the Strategies and Trade Plans that are included with the Method.

"I've spent my life studying the Market, and still do. After the COVID Crash low, I noticed that those stocks that went up 3x, 4x, or more were "tipping their hands" very early. Stocks like AAPL showed incredibly high Relative Strength rankings right out of the gate. So why not just trade these stocks?

I am firmly convinced that Relative Strength holds the key to the accumulation of wealth for all of us. So I decided to collapse all this knowledge into a concise seminar that all Nirvana customers can benefit from. I don't know about you, but for me - it's time to Harness the Power!"

AAPL chart demonstrating Relative Strength of the stock

Courses begin 9/24 and will be delivered through 9/25 with Live Q&A session 9/26!  Live Trading begins 9/29!

pull consistent profits from the stock market

It’s easy to get excited about Relative Strength! However, creating a profitable Trading Method takes some careful thought.  Of course, I’ve done that for you!  But I’d like to share a few details about this superb approach to trading.  

First, I want to clarify what we are talking about.  If you Google “Relative Strength”, nearly all the articles are going to be about the Relative Strength Index – an indicator that measures strength WITHIN a security.  This is all about measuring strength versus the market – that’s where the Power lies.

Calculating the “Sweet Spot”

We start by measuring Relative Strength patterns on all stocks in the market by analyzing Relative Strength trend.  Those with the highest ratings are the ones that are being accumulated by market participants.  We then determine which ones have the right timing for the start of a move – I call it the Sweet Spot.  

Once we have a target list we measure other factors that tell us the Risk Profile of each candidate, we sort the list on an empirical formula based on these measurements.     

Bringing Home the Bacon!

After sorting the candidates, we can balance Longs and Shorts based on market direction. Being Long in accumulation stocks and short in distribution stocks dramatically reduces market risk.  

Now, we are ready to trade.  On those candidates where our odds of success are over 70%, we can purchase options to gain leverage – but they need to be the right options.  We will show how to determine that.  No additional knowledge needed.  

Finally, our RS Trade Plan can manage and exit the trade by determining when weakness enters the stock or a profit target has been reached.

In Harness the Power, you will learn everything about this powerful Method so you understand precisely what it is doing.   Then you will get practice doing it.


Trading the Method is Easy

Since most of the method can be automated, your primary task will be to learn about final trade selection and balancing.  This will be explained in the course materials and then practiced in live trading.

learn how to harness the power in your trading!

  • how we use relative strength to detect accumulation/distribution
  • The best Scan to find those stocks that are on the move
  • how to find the "Sweet Spot" to time entries
  • How to determine which candidates have the least risk
  • how to balance long and shorts (and when to step on the gas)
  • how to use options as surrogates for trading the underlier
  • the right trade plan to use for trade management

and for real time:

  • using market scans before and after the market opens
  • automating the method

VisualTrader is a great platform for trading Relative Strength

Harness the Power is taught using OmniTrader, which does a great job. But I also include VisualTrader in the course because it has some unique features that help us engage the Method.For example, you can identify Long and Short opportunities at the same time using the Upper and Lower lists. The Trade Throttle can automate trade selection. And, we can use the VisualTrader  Simulator to watch the Method trade on historical data – an instructive and exciting exercise!

Learning the Method

Using the new Quick Course format, I am producing concise instructional videos on all aspects of the Method, which will be delivered daily starting September 22. The videos will be short on theory and long on education, focused on the specific “How to’s” of the Relative Strength Method. Watch and learn on your own and (optionally) attend the Q&A session on Saturday to review the material with us.

Then, in Week 2, I will host a webinar each day before Market Open to review the End of Day selections from the day before using OmniTrader. We will also use MarketScans to identify those stocks that have been under intense accumulation or distribution in overnight trading, and import them into the VisualTrader Map.

As the Market opens, we will engage the Relative Strength Method to trade our carefully-prepared Candidate list as market direction is established.

An Incredible Value

This is the first time I have offered a course like Harness the Power of Relative Strength. It’s also the first time Jeff and I have adopted this new Quick Course format. You get concise instructional videos, a special Q&A Session, live trading sessions plus all the assets I created for OmniTrader and VisualTrader to trade the Method.

The Method is designed to be “turnkey” and ready to trade. All you need is a little coaching on how to get everything set up, and how to find the highest Reward:Risk trades. It’s going to be efficient, interactive and fun!

I’ve seen trading education that costs $5,000 without any trading assets or live practice sessions. And you have to watch hours and hours of instruction. I know you will agree that the Nirvana Trading Summit is the best education we have ever offered our Nirvana customers.


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Courses begin 9/24 and will be delivered through 9/25 with Live Q&A session 9/26!  Live Trading begins 9/29!

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