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OmniTrader is the Only Software Designed to Help You
Make Money No Matter What the Market is Doing!

It's Automatic

Easy as 1-2-3

Are you ready to make your trading goals a reality?

Great Buy & Sell Candidates

OmniTrader is an all-in-one trading platform, built for traders. Using our unified platform that requires no back-end coding, you have access to hundreds of trading indicators and systems, power to trade directly from the charts and even allow OmniTrader to manage your trades for you.

Stunningly Accurate Signals

OmniTrader comes with great Trading Strategies, including strategies for finding key reversals, explosive breakouts and trending opportunities.

The Strategy Engine runs these strategies hundreds of times faster than competitive software, which means you can scan for opportunities across thousands of stocks.

Adaptive Reasoning Model

OmniTrader is the only stock trading system software that generates buy and sell Signals based on the "personality" of each security in a given list. We call this powerful technique the Adaptive Reasoning Model (ARM ).

In just Seconds...

OmniTrader tests ALL of its 120 built-in methods on EACH symbol in a given list to find the precise techniques that are working well. Then, it uses those methods to generate Signals.

(Left - the To Do List with some available strategies.  On the right you see the results of the strategies in the focus list.)

Powerful, Easy to use Charts

OmniTrader’s charts are built for analysis and speed. Utilizing the best in industry charting engine, OmniTrader’s charts
are intuitive and easy to use, so you can spend your time on analysis, not adjusting the chart.

Intuitive Chart Interface

OmniTrader’s charts are designed to be the most user friendly charts around. The interface functions exactly as you’d expect it to, making chart navigation absolutely painless. Additional slider controls allow you to adjust all charts simultaneously, allowing you to change your view and still keep your charts in sync.

Pattern Recognition

OmniTrader has built in pattern recognition technology which instantly identifies winning chart patterns. It automatically draws the pattern in your chart and labels it. Simply clicking on the label will bring up information to help interpret the pattern. An interactive viewer is also provided to let you explore past instances of the pattern for use in your analysis.

(Beautiful chart of AMGN, showing line studies and color charts)

Built In Money Management

(Chart showing trade management)

Trade Management

OmniTrader offers one of the most powerful ways to engage the market with our Trade Management tools. Because everyone knows, getting into a profitable trade is only half the battle.

Visual Exits which show exactly when to get out of a trade and allows risk management to increase profits.

Trade Management

All of us have placed trades through a traditional broker interface. The problem is, you have to take your eyes off the chart—and it’s time consuming.

With Visual Brokerage, you manage trades DIRECTLY in your charts!

Place trades, move Stop levels, and adjust your Trade Plans with just a click! Once you experience Visual Brokerage, you will NEVER go back to the old way of trading.

What are the three most important factors in trading success: Discipline, Discipline, and Discipline.

Increase your chances of performing well on the emotional roller coaster of trading, using trade plans. With Trade Plans, you can define a sequence of events that will automatically manage your trades.

This feature helps you "plan your trade and trade your plan" Sit back and watch as your trade plan automates trade management with our Visual Broker, automatically adjusting your stops and allocation exactly as defined in the plan. Being a disciplined trader has never been this easy!

(Chart with Chevrons and Trade Plans)

Supported brokers offer ultra-low commissions and lightning executions.

Our integrated brokerage ties in with multiple premier brokerage houses, providing you the best brokerage services out there. Our supported brokers offer commissions of a penny a share or less on stocks, along with ultra low commissions on futures and Forex. Executions are blazing! When you trade through OmniTrader’s integrated brokerage you react to the markets in a heartbeat.

​If you choose not to use one of the discount brokers we have integrated into OmniTrader, you won’t be left out. You can still use Visual Brokerage to manage your trades. You can still track your position in OmniTrader and the program will notify you when your stops need to be adjusted according to your Trade Plan.

It's never too early to think about retirement!

Trading Simulators

Education is Key

We know trading is hard and you can't eliminate all emotion from trading. What helps is repetition in a safe environment. This is why we included two separate ways to test your trading ideas without any risk to your trading account.

(Chart with Lab Mode Controls)

OmniTrader Lab Mode

Lab Mode offers a unique trading experience where you are able to trade your symbol list, using historical data.

You set the trading dates and account balance and trade as if it were live.

This gives you an accurate representation of strategy performance.

OmniTrader Game Mode

Game Mode challenges you to trade a random security in your focus list. The security name is hidden and you have a set number of bars of data to use.

This allows trading to take place without any prior knowledge of the security being traded.

(View of Game Mode)

Find out why OmniTrader users consistently make more money in the markets while spending less time at their computers!

Donald BrightOmniTrader User

I have doubled a $10k account this month trading the S&P e-mini. OmniTrader gives me tremendous Confidence to enter and exit the market at a profit.

Michael DickersonOmniTrader User

OmniTrader is one of the best programs I have ever bought. It is a great tool. Bottom line. I'm sold on OmniTrader!

Greg D.OmniTrader User

Thank you for a unique & excellent tool and terrific company. I have looked for something like this for many years.

Award-Winning Features WIN OmniTrader over
100 Readers Choice Awards since 1999.

  • One Platform, for stocks, futures, options and Funds
  • Automated Trading Signals
  • Industry Leading Chart Patterns Recognition
  • Multiple TimeFrame Confirmation
  • Stock Scanning
  • Automated Backtesting and Simulation
  • Game & Lab Mode
  • Create or Modify Trading Strategies
  • Award-Winning Trading Software
  • Powerful Trading Strategies
  • Over 60 Trading Systems
  • Paper Trading
  • Advanced Chart Types
  • 100's of Available Line Studies
  • Automated Trading with OmniPilot
  • Built in Trading Tools

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