Profit from the Pulse of the Market! The new MarketPulse Plug-In comes with great Indicators and Strategies to make the concept come alive in your charts. And packaged with Profiting from Volatility, you have a winning combination!

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Momentum, Acceleration, and Volatility...

...nailed the Pulse of the SPY in late December.
The S&P ran up 17% from there in Q1 - WOW!

Used together, these three indicators
reveal the hidden moment in any market!

• The Awesome Oscillator
• Acceleration Oscillator
• High Low Range Indicator

The MP Acceleration Change Strategy looks for short term moves based on high volatility and changes in acceleration. This setup often leads to significant gains in only a few days.

The MP Strong Trend Strategy takes trades in the direction of momentum for longer term trades.

Introducing Profiting from Volatility – the third chapter in our Trade Secrets Series! This special presentation includes three seminars, three interactive sessions, and additional trading assets. Profiting from Volatility is all about taking advantage of Momentum and Acceleration, so of course it will feature the new MarketPulse Plug-In!