Fulcrum Module 2.0

Fulcrum Module 2.0


A Fulcrum is a level in the chart from which a strong move is likely to occur. These levels are based on the psychology of technical analysis. As price moves decisively through a level that everyone can see, others jump in, pushing prices further in the same direction. I call these lines in the sand Fulcrums because they act like points of leverage, with large market moves on either side.

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Will it go Up or Will it go Down?
It doesn’t matter with FULCRUMS!

We first published Fulcrum Levels on the indexes at SignalWatch.com back in 1998, and our team still publishes them today through SignalWatch LIVE. We have earned a loyal following of traders who are now using Fulcrums on the market every day. Not only do they work, they take the stress out of trading!

What is a Fulcrum? A Fulcrum is a level in the chart from which a strong move is likely to occur. These levels are based on the psychology of technical analysis. As price moves decisively through a level that everyone can see, others jump in, pushing prices further in the same direction. I call these “lines in the sand” Fulcrums because they act like points of leverage, with large market moves on either side.

You do not need to predict which direction the market will go—you just follow it. Fulcrums include features that allow “re-entries” in the event a trade is stopped out. The trade may not “run” on the first or second break of the Fulcrum level, but ultimately, it almost always does. That’s the beauty of Fulcrums—they capture the emotions around a chart level.

In late January, while most stocks were dropping, Amazon broke a solid

Fulcrum level. It rallied a healthy 30% from there.

This incredible trade on Big Lots was signaled after a Fulcrum at 16 was crossed in early March, ahead of the major market rally. BIG gained 50% in this move.

Making Money with Fulcrums

Th e Power of Fulcrums seminar will show you how to identify the most explosive Fulcrum opportunities, and the Fulcrum Module makes them easy to trade. Simply click the Fulcrum tool and draw a Fulcrum across the recent price action. Each Fulcrum defines a “Fulcrum zone” with action lines. When price enters the zone, the trade is armed. When it crosses an action line, a Notification event is fired, calling your attention to the opportunity or trading it automatically. The Fulcrum Manager (see page 4) lists all of your Active and Inactive Fulcrum levels

Use the Fulcrum Editor to defi ne how you want the Fulcrum managed. A Fulcrum can be set to fi re Long, Short, or Either, allowing it to trade in either direction. The Fulcrum zone can also be adjusted directly in the chart.

Draw your Fulcrum across recent price action.

When the Fulcrum triggers, an explosive move is captured!

The Most Powerful Tool Ever Created for Traders and Investors

The Fulcrum Tool is a powerful ally for End-of-Day traders, because it will tell you when a stock or futures contract is decisively moving through support or resistance. But it is especially powerful for trading in Real Time.

Fulcrums are ideal for trading Consolidations, Support, and Resistance—places where a security pauses before resuming its primary move. When these formations occur, simply establish a Fulcrum Zone around the current price, and the Fulcrum will automatically Buy or Sell when a boundary is crossed.

We see many great opportunities like these for BPOP. As the stock consolidated, we drew Fulcrums to trade each successive impulse rally on the break. After four up-days and four profitable trades, the stock finally sold off. We caught that too, as the Fulcrum fired a Short entry to the downside. 

Fully Automated with Integrated Brokerage

What if you are at lunch when your Fulcrum signals a trade? No problem! With our Integrated Brokerage feature, you don’t have to be there! Just mark your Fulcrums as before, and set them to automatically execute. When any Fulcrum is triggered, the program will enter the trade and activate a Trade Plan to manage it. It can even automatically allocate capital to each trade.

Never before has such firepower been available to individual investors and traders! Once you experience the POWER of FULCRUMS, you will look forward to marking your setups each day. Fulcrums make trading profitable and fun! 

Fulcrum Manager

All Fulcrums drawn in the chart are shown in the Fulcrum Manager, making it easy to find those charts which have Fulcrums and access them.

Popular, Inc. entered a rally mode in early April, offering several Fulcrum Zones to trade. The included educational video, The POWER of Fulcrums demonstrates how to draw these lines

Click View Fulcrums and see all the active Fulcrums. Double click any and

 go straight to the chart that has the given Fulcrum.

The Fulcrum Module provides a way to manually define and trade Fulcrums as you identify candidates. Now, you can add Fulcrums to Strategies to COMPLETELY automate them!

Create Powerful Strategies
Using the Fulcrum Concept

As soon as a Fulcrum line is crossed, a Trade Plan is launched to

initiate a trade in the direction the chart is moving.

Add Fulcrums to Any Strategy! 

Drop the new Fulcrum Block into any Strategy to replace the

Orders or Trade Plan Block. New signals in the Strategy will establish

a Fulcrum at the point the signal is generated. We include can example SR Fulcrum Strategy with the module as an example. This simple Strategy looks for Support or Resistance levels and establishes Fulcrums at those levels. 

Capture the Move. 

One of the problems trading in 2008 was that the market continued to fall through support levels, much to the dismay of those who were attempting to buy at successive lows. Fulcrums handle this problem, because a Fulcrum can go Short on a failure using the Re-enable count (see picture, right). The probability of capturing a profitable move— in any market—increases dramatically!

** Fulcrums can be set to automatically re-enable themselves—a key feature for capturing profits near a strong level. When a Fulcrum level is crossed, the Trade Plan will be executed. If the first trade is stopped out, another entry can automatically be executed on the 2nd (3rd, etc) crossing. When Signals reach the Fulcrum Block, a Fulcrum is established, awaiting a solid break of the Fulcrum boundaries. This provides maximum directional confirmation for each trade.

                                              Fulcrums are the most powerful trading tools                                                       ever created for investors and traders. I’ve been                                                using Fulcrums in my own trading for years, and                                                   in this FREE seminar, I show YOU how to use                                                       them. In Th e POWER of Fulcrums, I illuminate                                                    various techniques for using this powerful tool,                                                   drawing on my 20+ years of market experience. 

You are going to be amazed at how easy it is to find and trade the best setups—automatically—using Fulcrums. In the first section of the seminar, I review the tool and show you how to use it as you prospect through your charts each day.

We will look at live charts and discuss the many ideal Fulcrum setups that show themselves in the market each day. Remember—Fulcrums automatically fire when their levels are crossed. Whether you are trading End-of-Day or Real Time, you can find and trade these explosive moves without even being there! With Fulcrums, you can set your trading on autopilot! I call it Fire and Forget Trading.

With the release of the Fulcrum Block for Strategies, you can run and trade Strategies that use the Fulcrum concept. I cover this exciting new component in the seminar as well. We have just begun to scratch the surface of what this powerful tool is capable of, but preliminary results in automated trading are VERY exciting. Which way will the market go? With Fulcrums, it doesn’t matter! Turbo charge Your Trading! Purchase Fulcrum Module 2.0 today!