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You can make money no matter what the market is doing!

Discover the faster, easier way to profit in today's market.

Success with Xpress

OmniTrader finds great trades AUTOMATICALLY!

Find out for yourself why so many
successful investors use OmniTrader

Automatic Buy and Sell

AWESOME, 100% Automatic Buy and Sell Signals

OmniTrader does it all. It automatically analyzes the market data, generates Amazing Buy and Sell signals, shows how signals were generated,  confirms signals, and checks profitability. This means no wasted time trying to figure out how to apply technical analysis. It’s all there and this is just the beginning.

Powerful Equity Curves

Built in Trading Simulators and Portfolios to Help you PRACTICE BEFORE YOU TRADE

Want to practice your trading skills before committing to real money?  Our Lab Mode, an OmniTrader  exclusive, provides the perfect simulated trading environment.  A " virtual bank" holds your capital and equity curves track your results against time.  You can even "trade" on margin if you want to.  Lab Mode allows you to paper trade using the signals generated by OmniTrader as you learn to master the nemesis that affects all traders - the emotions of Greed and Fear.

Chart Patterns

Automatic Chart Patterns, using the BEST Patterns ever devised for technical trading

Chart Patterns makes prospecting for great trades easier than ever before and OmniTrader generates them Automatically!  OmniTrader will identify many of the most profitable patterns used by the top traders.  Often, you will find pattern based trades that are so strong, it is worth taking on its own merit! And it's so FAST.

1000 Times Faster

OmniTrader is over 1000 times faster than other popular trading platforms

Save yourself hours of research daily, because the trading systems are already defined.  OmniTrader comes with many of the most popular trading systems, like Trendline Breakouts, Money Flow, and Divergence, plus all the classic  techniques such as Stochastic, MACD, and RSI.  And most importantly
IT'S FAST - OmniTrader can test hundreds of securities in less than One Minute!

What Our Users Are Saying:

OmniTrader has done the impossible.  Not only was it able to get me back into trading - it has also helped me become profitable more often than I ever was on my own.  The best part... It's fully automatic just click and my trades appear!

George M. - OmniTrader User

This was my first time trading on my own.  I was very nervous but the OmniTrader education made it easy to understand not only OmniTrader but trading in general.  I feel more in control of my own investments because of OmniTrader.

Marc Jacobs - OmniTrader User

Don't Hesitate, Automate your trading today - with OmniTrader!

We are here to help!  If you're new to trading or a seasoned vet OmniTrader can help you do more with your time and money.  Our helpful customer service team is available M-F 7am-6pm CDT. 800.880.0338

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