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OmniTrader Why

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Why OmniTrader

Why is OmniTrader So Easy yet So Powerful?

'My original goal in launching Nirvana Systems in 1987 was to give investors peace of mind by creating the best and EASIEST trading software in the world'

-Ed Downs, Founder

Automation is the Key Ingredient.

OmniTrader is built on the concept of Trading Automation. From Strategy Signals to Chart Pattern Recognition - Anything the computer can do, it does: Work Less. Make More. Focus on MAKING MONEY - NOT manipulating software or poring through mounds of charts, data and analyst estimates.

And NOW, you can experience it yourself - at no cost.

The Best and EASIEST
Trading Software & Data Really is Free.

Using our FREE software, market data and education, you
will discover...

  • How Market Psychology works, and how to profit from it.
  • How to grow your wealth, no matter how much you start with.
  • See HUGE profits on certain days.  It's exciting.
  • How to protect your account against market losses.
  • ALL in just 10 Minutes a Day!