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There's an OmniTrader for Everyone...

Our FREE OmniTrader Xpress, with our FREE Data and FREE Education helps new traders learn how to make money in the stock market. No fees. Just everything you need to succeed.

If you decide later you want to trade using more advanced techniques, we have the right OmniTrader to serve your needs. 

Market Data

We have the best and cheapest market data that is suitable for trading and investing.  Our FREE data service, included with OmniTrader Xpress, includes data on the entire U.S. market, updated daily.  From there, users can subscribe to very long historical data, real time data and options. Our pricing beats all others.  

Advanced Automated Strategies

Our scientists have been building advanced Strategies for many years.  Strategies have held up in live trading year after year, making consistent profits for our customers.    Any of these Strategies can be set on “Automatic” in any of our OmniTrader versions, including Xpress.

Modules for Specific Trading Objectives

As we have purposed our “automation” agenda, we have built specialized tools that can be used in Strategies and discretionary trading, like OptionTrader, Seasonality, and The Money Zone.   These products have the potential to dramatically increase your profits, depending on the markets you are trading and the approach you are taking.    

Strategy Development Tools

We have developed specific modules to help Strategy Developers create and test robust solutions.   Strategy Wizard, for example, enables users to vary all parameters of any Strategy and get plots that show the most robust settings.