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Actionable Trading Ideas for 2019 and Beyond

Nirvana’s Trade Secrets offer interactive instruction, powerful tools, and hands-on coaching. You’ll have the opportunity to develop the skills you need to trade with confidence and build wealth – no matter what the market is doing. This is your chance to gain a decisive tactical advantage for your trading, this year and beyond.

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Course Structure

3 Chapters

Trade Secret 1 - Adaptive Trading

Learn how to Make Money in Any Market but Reduce Risk in Uncertain Markets.

In this cornerstone event, we cover specific Market Phases, Clues, and Events that tell us the likely direction of the market, – AND when to reduce exposure. Special Confirmation Techniques are also explained that help you find and trade the very best candidates each day. 

Adaptive Trading is all about understanding the Market and trading according to Directional Clues and Reduction of Risk. Lessons learned here are leveraged in the other Trade Secrets, where individual candidates are identified and traded according to specialized methods.

Market Phases and Strategies 2 Lessons

Instructional Video & Assets

In Part 1 of Trade Secrets 1, we focus on determining Market Phases and then matching them to strategies that perform in each phase. We start by looking at how the market is seen by others so we are aware of the most commonly used tools, we then explore how we determine Market Phases by concentrating on Market Direction, Strength, and Volatility. With this info, we can then look at the new strategies provided and they perform in our Market States.

Interactive Q&A Session

In this LIVE Session, Jeff will illuminate the material with examples and interact with attendees to help them understand the concepts to the greatest extent possible.  The session will be recorded, with the recording posted here within 24 hours of the event.

Market Clues & Events 2 Lessons

Instructional Video & Assets

In Part 2, we will study three different ways to determine likely market direction - Chart Patterns on an Index Chart, Market Breadth, and OmniScan Counts.   Combine all three methods for the best possible read on market direction in the next time frame.

Interactive Q&A Session

In the interactive session, we will discuss the components discussed in the educational video.  ScanCounts() is the superb new feature that was added for Trade Secrets 1, Part 2, and has a lot of potential beyond the course.  We will discuss various other scans that could be productive in determining market direction.

Putting it All Together 2 Lessons

Instructional Video & Assets

In Part 3 we revisit the Market Phases covered in Part 1, but we take an in-depth look at the indicators used to define these phases. Once we have a thorough understanding of these indicators, we apply that knowledge to create new Short Term and Long Term Market Phases.

Interactive Q&A Session

In the interactive session, we bring together all of the components discussed in Trade Secrets 1 and using the different concepts and combining them together to engage the market.

Exploring the Dynamics of Market Movement 2 Lessons

Exploring the Dynamics of Market Movement – Instructional Video & Assets

We will start by looking at the effect of volatility in the market.  Long seen as a detriment to traders, we will take an in-depth look at how volatility can actually provide a significant edge. We will cover the various tools that can be used to measure volatility, and which ones actually help you trade volatility effectively.