Trade Secrets

Actionable Trading Ideas 
for 2019 and Beyond

Nirvana’s Trade Secrets offer interactive instruction, powerful tools, and hands-on coaching. You'll have the opportunity to develop the skills you need to trade with confidence and build wealth – no matter what the market is doing. This is your chance to gain a decisive tactical advantage for your trading, this year and beyond.

"Give me 7 minutes and I'll show you ACTIONABLE Trading Methods with all the Trading Assets included - Everything You Need to Succeed!"

Trade Secret 1: The Cornerstone Event

Trade Secret 1 is the “Cornerstone Event” because it’s about assessing Market Direction and Risk. We focus on this topic as the pre-cursor to the remaining 6 events, because once you understand the market, you can make more money by focusing on highly specialized situations.

Jeff and Ed deliver a specific adaptive approach to trading the market that harnesses knowledge accumulated over 25 years. All Trading Assets are included, including Strategies, Indicators, and the new Trade Allocation Calculator. 

7 Powerful Events, including everything you need to succeed!

How are Trade Secrets Different?

In each Trade Secret, Jeff and Ed “pull all the stops” to provide the most comprehensive learning and trading experience possible.    While there is an educational component, it’s much more than just education.

  • 25 yrs of knowledge go into the making of each Secret.
  • Current Research is yielding New Trading Assets that will be provided and explained.
  • Hands-on approach with Coaching in informal, Interactive Sessions.
  • Practice in the live market over the course of each Secret.

Trade Secrets are an accelerated learning environment within the framework of the market to help attendees achieve trading success.

Nirvana is all about automated trading technology. Trade Secrets are hands-on approaches that leverage the power of automation-assisted trading. Given the right information, it’s easy to select the best trades every day. This kind of hands-on trading keeps users involved, so they can apply Market Clues to better protect their accounts and accelerate positions when “the stars align.”

With knowledge gleaned from years of building software for traders and learning from them, we selected the most profitable ideas we know to create step-by-step trading methods that are easy to engage – the Best of the Best. In our Limited Time Special Offers, we are providing them to our loyal customers at a fraction of their value - a price that won’t be seen again once we launch to the public. 

The Trade Secret Schedule

We are excited to create this powerful resource for our customers. We are carefully building each Trade Secret in sequence, providing the next one to attendees every 3-4 weeks. This gives you time to apply each method in the live market and master the material at your own pace.

The first Secret, “Adaptive Trading” is all about understanding the market and the kinds of trades that work well in each situation. This forms the foundation for identifying the best setups, which are delivered in the remaining 6 Secrets.

Meet Your Nirvana Trade Secret Coaches

Ed Downs - CEO and Founder of Nirvana Systems

Ed has more than 29 years of experience in trading and software development. Ed received a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at El Paso, and a Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to founding Nirvana, Ed worked on design automation software for Tektronix.

In addition to inventing the original concepts for OmniTrader and VisualTrader, Ed has published several books and trading seminars, including, The 7 Chart Patterns that Consistently Make Money. Ed currently serves as President and CEO of Nirvana Systems, Inc.

“Much more than a Seminar, the Adaptive Method will help you engage any market for higher profits with less risk. Jeff and I have collaborated to bring you great Trading Assets that support the Method, grounded in solid truths we have learned about the Market over 20 years!

Ed Downs

CEO and Founder Nirvana Systems

Jeff Drake - Director of Trading Technology

Jeff joined the Nirvana team in 1998 and quickly rose to the role as Director of Education. He has created and presented numerous seminars, publications, and tutorials on trading with Nirvana software.

Jeff currently leads a team of scientists in his role as Director of Trading Technology. Jeff and his team have developed several profitable Trading Strategies, modules and plug-ins including the highly successful NSP product line.

Recent research has proven the fact that the ability to adapt our trading approach to changing markets, results in higher returns and lower drawdowns. We’ve drawn off of this research and additional proven techniques to deliver a trading method that is built to succeed in any market.

Jeff Drake

Director of Trading Technology