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Lesson 1 Chapter 1 Module 1

Part 1 - Market Phases and Strategies

In Part 1 of Trade Secrets 1, we focus on determining Market Phases and then matching them to strategies that perform in each phase. We start by looking at how the market is seen by others so we are aware of the most commonly used tools, we then explore how we determine Market Phases by concentrating on Market Direction, Strength, and Volatility. With this info, we can then look at the new strategies provided and they perform in our Market States.

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Strategies, Template, Indicators, Systems  Updated 11/1/2019 **

  • ChartTemplates
    • AT MarketPhase.otd
  • Profiles
    • Trade Secrets PT 1.otp
  • ScanImports
    • _ETT_32_Scan.otl
    • _ETT_32_Scan_32_DO.otl
  • Strategies
    • AT Long Term.ots
    • AT Short Term.ots
  • VBA
    • Indicators
      • DAMA.txt
      • SAMA.txt
    • Systems
      • KAMATouch.txt
      • RSIX.txt

** Updated 11/1/2019