Interactive Q&A Session

Lesson 6 Chapter 3 Module 1

Part 3 - Putting it All Together

In the interactive session, we bring together all of the components discussed in Trade Secrets 1 and using the different concepts and combining them together to engage the market.

Interactive Session

Trading Assets (Only Need to Download Once)

Installation Instructions:

  1. Click and download from the link above.
  2. Click Install.
  3. If your OmniTrader is in the default location click Next and then OK on the message stating the directory already exist.  If you have installed OmniTrader in a custom directory you will need to point to the /Nirvana/OT2019 directory.
  4. Click Finish

Market Indicator

The Market Indicator Ed showed has not yet made it into the install.  Ed is still running experiments but the indicator that was shown in the webinar  is provided here

Predict.txt  (Indicator)

** Updated 3/8/2019