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your path to trading success Starts here

Your Path To Trading Success Starts Here

Over a 5-year period I made 50% annual return with OmniTrader.

David L.

Nirvana Customer

Over a 5-year period I made 50% annual return with OmniTrader.

David L.

Nirvana Customer

...nobody else has anything even close to this!

I have looked at many other trading systems and software packages, but there is nothing even close to what OmniTrader and ARM have to offer. I can easily build trading systems that match my style and robotically trade them.

Ken A.

Nirvana Customer

...nobody else has anything even close to this!

I have looked at many other trading systems and software packages, but there is nothing even close to what OmniTrader and ARM have to offer. I can easily build trading systems that match my style and robotically trade them.

Ken A.

Nirvana Customer

Ken A.

Nirvana Customer

...nobody else has anything even close to this!

I have looked at many other trading systems and software packages, but there is nothing even close to what OmniTrader and ARM have to offer. I can easily build trading systems that match my style and robotically trade them.

Ken A.

Nirvana Customer

Discover How Nirvana has been

Helping Traders Succeed since 1990.

The Best trading platform in the world, thanks to powerful AUTOMATION.

OmniTrader is the best trading platform on the market. Get powerful automation, built in market strategies for stocks, options, ETFs, and more

VisualTrader is in a class all it's own. See the unique 3D view of the market and elevate your trading with this charting powerhouse trading platform

there is simply nothing else like visualTrader and it's 

AMAZINGLY PROFITABLE “3-D” view of the market.

automated Fund Management Utilizing

Automatic Equity Switching.

Some OmniFunds subscribers are up as much as 40% in 2020*

OmniFunds brings the power of autmatic equity switching to your investments. Let Omnifunds automate your funds management and outperform every robo advisor
Nirvana Systems and OmniTrader have been featured on Barron's, CNBC, Stocks & Commodities Magazine, and many more
Driven By - Nirvana Systems - Down Jones, Nasdaq, NYSE, Opra
Ed Downs is the founder and CEO of Nirvana Systems, home of OmniTrader the best trading platform available.
My name is Ed Downs, I founded Nirvana Systems over 30 years ago. A software engineer by training, I fell in love with the potential profits offered by the markets and began looking for good tools to engage them. Back in those days, there was only one software program available for trading, by the name of CompuTrac. I paid the $3,000 purchase price and started trading.


The Power of Nirvana Systems

premier Trading Platforms

profitable investment automation

Artificial intelligence for Traders

reliable data & Accurate market scans

Helping Customer Succeed Since 1987!

The Nirvana Membership remains my single best resource for trading success.

When one trades for a living, it is very easy to become relatively narrow in approach to the markets. It is my opinion that everyone must grow professionally to continue to be successful. The Nirvana membership has exposed me to new strategies and approaches as well as to a group of exceptional traders. It would be difficult to quantify the monetary benefit of the membership as I daily tweak the tools (OmniTrader and VisualTrader) and employ new ideas I have learned from the community. The Nirvana Membership remains my single best resource for trading success.

The Nirvana membership provides a Forum to discuss trading needs, software applications, and personal trading results (Forums); an opportunity to review products in development (Beta Tests) and make suggestions/recommendations; and a vast and diverse group of other members to provide suggestions and solutions. Of course, ultimately, the membership is focused on the ultimate trading solution. Together, these resources make the subscription one of the best values I have found. I have recommended Nirvana membership to many of my personal friends who wish to go to the next level in trading success.

John L. Nirvana Trader since 2000

No Hype - Just Results

“This is the best trading company I have worked with – no hype, just results. I am glad that I joined.”

Michael Chilton

Skeptical of Investment Advisors.

As a scientist, I'm very skeptical of investment advisors and particularly stock scanning services that give blind buy/sell signals without any explanation of how the signals are derived. The basic tenets of the science is that you must share how your results were obtained and allow others to reproduce them.

In that regard, the folks at Nirvana are clearly fellow researchers, seeking to identify and use logical, reproducible, mathematical truths to achieve success; not by manipulating or concealing, but by supporting the free exchange of ideas and openly sharing knowledge.

OmniTrader is basically a well designed statistical calculator. You can see exactly what gets entered into the program and how the results are derived. At the same time, its almost as simple as punching a few keys on your trusty pocket calculator, yet perhaps even more powerful than the fancy statistical software I use in scientific research.

Hopefully soon, all this power may even be accessible via a similar shirt-pocket device!

Steve M. Nirvana Trader since 2006

Once you know about it, you will join!

You cannot be a serious trader without knowing about the Club. Once you know about it, you will join.

Peter Rea

I love the New OT!

I LOVE the new OT and the speed improvements!!! Outstanding job, everyone!

Mark H. Nirvana Trader since 1996

“The Nirvana Club is the best way to improve your trading, develop friendships and make money!

Reece Beane

Extremely innovative team!

It's great to be a part of an extremely innovative team, which treats me as "part of the family".

Jim D. Nirvana Trader since 1993

The Forum is invaluable!

The Forum is invaluable!

Chris Byars

I am on the right side of the trade more often

With OmniTrader, I am on the right side of the trade more often than not. The trendline alerts set in VisualTrader are great for staying on top of trend changes.

I have attended that last two Bashes and had a great time and met some really great people. I am really impressed with the progress and feel that Nirvana is getting close to the Ultimate Trading Machine!

William Gray

Proud member

I was introduced to Nirvana with their first piece of software called KLATU and then on to the Director series.

I have been a proud member of the Nirvana Club since it's inception. Ed and his team are totally dedicated to developing what he calls the Ultimate Trading Machine. That's another story. Suffice to say that some members are now getting 100% hit rates by using OmniTrader with ARM2. In my opinion, ARM2 is an essential component of OmniTrader. It is like checking the DOW without checking the NASDAQ and the overall picture. It is an indispensable part of the software.

Being a full Club member will allow you to participate in the Nirvana Club Forum. This is where club members have their say and discuss various trading strategies and procedures. One of the many things that I like about OmniTrader is the input and suggestions from members. This is my first “port of call” each day. Anything and everything is submitted here. The input is fabulous.

I have been involved with Technical Analysis for many years and bought numerous pieces of software. I have shelves lined with them. This is the only one that has consistently worked for me. There is no “Holy Grail” but this is as close as it gets.

Ian Inkster

OmniTrader has been instrumental

I have used Omni Trader since the Spring of 1996 and I am an original lifetime Club member. OmniTrader has been instrumental in providing the framework for a portfolio management approach that I use in my portfolio management profession.

Nirvana’s dedication to continually improving OmniTrader and its usefulness in my business has made my lifetime Nirvana Club membership investment the best investment that I ever made!

Ron Miller

A customer for over 19 years

I have been a Nirvana Systems customer for approximately 19 years, which has been a fun, exciting, and an increasingly profitable journey.

Let me explain. If you have been around the markets for any length of time, you have to be aware that no system works forever. Enter the Nirvana Club! With its artificial intelligence in the form of neural networks and genetic algorithms, new trading systems continually come on line each year. It has been fun be a part of this ever evolving journey. The exciting part is that each new Nirvana Club system seems to be more profitable than its predecessor! I mean, "We are in this business to make money, right?"

This year the Nirvana Club introduced NSP-31. Its performance has been nothing short of phenomenal. This one system alone has more than repaid the price of admission in just a few short months.

Still I would be remiss if I did not mention the extraordinary synergy that exists among club members. There are many trading forums on the Internet. I don't think a single one can compare to the synergy found in the Nirvana Club forum. It is simply not possible to put a price on the value of the exchange of trading ideas, development of new trading systems, and the sharing of membership knowledge, all of which one gains from club membership.

If you have even the slightest interest in becoming a Nirvana Club member, I urge you to leave no stone unturned in your investigation. If you perform your due diligence properly, my guess is that you will become a member like I and so many others did.

I have been a profitable, full time trader for four years now. A large part of this success I owe to Nirvana Systems.If I can help you in any way in making your decision, please feel free to call any time.

Bill Graves

It's Simple - I Make Money With Nirvana

“I joined several years ago because I believed in the mission. Now it is becoming reality and starting to make me money. “

Chirs Sheldon

Nirvana Systems is always on the cutting edge

Being able to automatically generate signals on my own with OmniTrader has allowed me to think for myself rather than relying on someone else.

Nirvana Systems is always on the cutting edge providing innovative products and services. With the Nirvana Club and Forums, they are in constant communication with their customers, providing assistance as needed and obtaining feedback for continuous improvement.

Steve Epke

My trading knowledge and success has increased exponentially

The club has provided a place for myself and my peers to communicate and has opened up a whole world of sharing and camaraderie. Because of my many years in the club my trading knowledge and success has increased exponentially and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other members.

Jerome Sigalow

This is a remarkably accurate system, especially for Option trading...

Since NSP-31 started I have entered every trade. This is a remarkably accurate system, especially for Option trading, and I am up a good amount of money off these trades to date. My trade on CSCO was a 74% gainer. USP was another nice profitable trade. My BUD option is already up $500!

I benefit from the Nirvana Club's forums; from programming ideas to learning how other member/traders react to market conditions. Interacting within this venue is just plain fun. I have paid for my Nirvana Club membership two times over from savings on software and NSP-31 trades. NSP-31 alone is worth whatever the membership costs. I have been trading the signals generated for a couple months and made money on every trade. Consequently, I would highly recommend the Nirvana Club to any investor or trader.

Ted mcNeill

Better decision making

Interacting with other club members has lead me to better decision making and ultimately better trading.

Matt Blankenship

My Dream Come True!

My dream come true! Thanks for the implementation! I have so many stops, indicators, and systems coded that sometimes I could go and have lunch while OT complied - this is GREAT!

Tom H.

It has been a pleasant and productive experience

“It has been a pleasant and productive experience being a member of the Nirvana Club and I would encourage any one serious about trading and using the software to join and become a member. Nirvana Systems and ARM3 are exceptionally well designed to serve my needs as a trader.”

Al Abdulla

Nirvana listens to their customers

“Since the start of the Nirvana Club, the input of Nirvana Club members has been actively pursued by Nirvana to enhance their products. Nirvana System as no other vendor does listen to their customers in enhancing their product.“

Paul Waijers

The products have helped me

The products have helped me to improve my trading confidence and decision-making ability. I especially enjoy and value learning how others trade and sharing ideas and information.

Before Nirvana, I lacked the market insight and courage to trade/invest outside of my company's retirement plans. The late 90's bull run pretty much left me behind and I decided never again. Three years ago I took matters into my own hands and joined the online trading revolution. I was quickly challenged by the harsh realities of the stock market because I lacked knowledge, experience, and the right tools. Slightly discouraged but not defeated, I realized I needed an edge. I began to read the experiences of others who had survived the same mistakes I was making and I began to search for the best analysis tools to help me 'see' the market. I discovered OmniTrader during this search. Of all the technical analysis software applications I reviewed, OmniTrader offered me that edge I was looking for.

Beyond the analysis abilities of OmniTrader, I was most impressed with the history of Nirvana the company, it's vision, and dedication to continued innovation. Realizing that stock trading could become a means for living, I decided to treat trading as a job and see it as my business startup. I wanted all the Nirvana resources available to me to help give me that all-important edge, so I joined the Nirvana Club and added the ARM2 technology to my toolbox. Nearly two years ago I left my well-paying corporate job and began trading for a living. Today, I continue to value and support Nirvana’s research and innovations and I am as committed as ever to their vision of the Ultimate Trading Machine and trading for a living.

Mark Maddox

I believe that the research direction is right on.

I believe that the research direction is right on. I am especially interested in Pattern Recognition and Strategy automated selection.

Robert R. Nirvana Trader since 1999

It is a privilege to be part of something so cutting edge.

Since trading tends to be a solitary passion for most of us, learning the perspectives and insights of other traders has been very helpful. Also, the products are unique and have opened my thinking to new realms of trading. As a charter member of the club, I have been continually impressed at Nirvana's generosity in sharing new discoveries with its members. It is a privilege to be part of something so cutting edge.

It is exciting to be a part of a select group sharing serious research and genuinely advancing the promise of automated trading. There is much hype about "intelligent" trading systems, neural nets, etc., but this Club, if anything, is the "anti-hype." I have seen serious new ideas advance, with usable beta software to match, that have challenged me to re-think my trading strategies in profound new ways. I have not regretted joining the Club for one minute.

Jake Haagsman

OmniTrader Plus Nirvana Club Equal Success!

I joined about 3 years ago and have learned so much by using the tools available with Omnitrader Pro and by following the discussions in the Nirvana Club forums regarding what is working for people. Highly recommended.

John Locke

I now trade with a more mechanical approach and less emotion!

Since joining I have learnt a great deal about trading, especially with watching the videos and subsequently purchasing a training method. One of the main lessons learnt is the fact that I now trade with a more mechanical approach and less emotion, which I feel is key to the long term success of any trader. I have been a Member for years now and as an owner of a small business in the UK, I am so impressed with the way you embrace your customers and provide such excellent service. Memberships works so well for both members and Nirvana in the development of OT & VT, and it really does feel as if we are a community and not just a customer for you to sell products to.

Anthony W. Nirvana Trader since 2001

I have been a Club member since it's beginning

Club products have frequently sparked new directions in my investing. Subjects discussed in the Forums are often over my head; even so, I learn something each time I tune in.

I have been a Nirvana customer for years. I have been a Club member since it's beginning. It is hard to remember how many times I have called for help to Ed or one of his staff. What is easy to remember is that each time, I was left with the feeling that they had given me their best.

Fred Gordon

Nirvana Membership was the next logical step!

I've been in the securities industry for many years and have spent a small fortune on analytical, charting and trading programs. None have matched the day-in, day-out utility of OmniTrader Pro and Visual Trader. For me, the Nirvana Membership was the next logical step. The Club has allowed me to gain insight from other traders, provided an open forum where traders share ideas, and allowed me access to the newest innovations from Nirvana. It has been an excellent investment and one that I would recommend without hesitation to serious traders.

John L. Nirvana Trader since 2000

The best possibility of reaching the goal of automated trading that I have found.

OmniTrader shows great promise in streamlining the time and effort necessary to find good trade setups. I am continuing to experiment with all of its capabilities and features to enhance my trading. Nirvana Membership represents the best possibility of reaching the goal of automated trading that I have found. Nirvana Systems has employed state of the art technology and creative approaches to solving the automated trading problem. Customer service is exemplary and the Forum has been very educational and promotes the effective sharing of trading ideas and experience.

Randy M. Nirvana Trader since 1996

Nirvana Makes It Easier And More Profitable

“Nirvana has succeeded over the years because they genuinely want to make your trading experience easier and more profitable. They are not simply a "software" company. The Nirvana Club is a family of traders. “

William Huffaker

Amazing and Very Powerful


Ron L.



Salim H. Nirvana Trader since 1992

Exciting New Products And Updates!

Each year trading with Nirvana becomes more exciting as new products and updates are introduced. The Nirvana Membership has allowed me to gain better knowledge on the hows and whys of these great programs as well as meet some great people with similar interests.

Chris N. Nirvana Trader since 2001

Charter Club Member

“I am a Charter Club Member. I have looked at many other trading systems and software packages, but there is nothing even close to what OmniTrader and ARM have to offer. I can easily build trading systems that match my style and robotically trade them. I repeat, Nobody else has anything even close to this. “

Ken Anthony

No Success Without OmniTrader

Without OT and the Club I wouldn't have the success I've had. I'm now a disciplined trader and a more consistent earner with both OmniTrader and VisualTrader

Jerry Sigalow


I have been using OT for several years and after joining Nirvana Club last year it was like turbo-charging the 65' Mustang. Not bad before, much faster now. Can't wait for next years Bash.

Larry Schnepf

The Club...

The Club has improved my trading substantially.

Chris Sheldon

My Nirvana membership helps me!

My Nirvana membership helps me by continually chasing the dream of automatic trading. That takes dedicated researchers who need to be paid for. I am willing to fund some of that for the privilege of being part of it. The products continue to improve over time. OmniTrader is a unique stock sorting tool for traders. No one does it quite like Omnitrader. Not tradestation nor Metastock.

Dale V. Nirvana Trader since 1990

Full-time trading

I plan to retire in several months and enter full-time trading thanks to the current and coming developments at Nirvana.

William Marsheck

The biggest benefit...

I find the Nirvana Club to be useful because of the knowledge and talent the club members have. The members who are active teach and have strengths that I don't. There have been countless times that a Club Member's post gave me an answer I was looking for. The Nirvana Club allows you to explore ideas and get input from members that are from around the world.

The biggest benefit of being a Nirvana Club member has been ARM3 for me. Each release continues to show what can be done with a talented team like the Nirvana Club members and Nirvana Staff.

Michael Hicks

Ed Downs’ vision

The yearly bash is a useful and inspiring affair that I will likely never miss. Using things I have learned from the Club, I have made additions to my trading system and style. The Club exposes me to ideas that I would not normally see.

Ed Downs’ vision is what led to my initial attraction to Nirvana. His many accomplishments in personnel selection, software design direction, and innovative ideas continue to impress me. I believe the long-term Nirvana goals will be achieved.

Many benefits fall to customers who purchase Nirvana software, but Club members gain a great deal more by getting to know the staff and being exposed to the design process and the yearly "Bash". Club members also receive special software (ARM2) with upgrades and are in a position to more easily contribute ideas while benefiting from the ideas of other members.

Gerald Wakeen

Love the Club

"Love the Club. Tech support is awesome. ARM3 appears to work well for stocks, am anxiously awaiting a version for day trading the eMinis!"

Jim Bean

Would not trade without it

The Nirvana Club has helped me tremendously. I consider myself somewhat technical, but some of the members are great and have help me on technical issues along with developing some great strategies. I trade real time and use rt-arm2r3 to reinforce trades that I am in. Would not trade without it.

Brian Roberto

Last month I improved

The Nirvana Club has helped me to become a much better trader.

Last month I improved my portfolio by $3,000, up by 12%. If I can't trade with ARM2, I won't trade!

Keith Wilkison

Excellent Work!

I just wanted to thank Nirvana for the excellent work done with the Consensus Block. Being a member and having access to this tool alone is worth the price of membership.

Joe Lupo

I finally crossed over and haven't looked back

I have been a member of the Nirvana family for 2 years. I contemplated joining the Nirvana Club after starting with OmniTrader. This year, I finally crossed over and haven't looked back. During this time, the many great trading developments issued by my new “family” have propelled me along the learning curve. My development as a trader has gone supersonic as a result of the many things the Club has to offer and my goal of creating another career for myself is now within reach. I wish I would have joined the Club sooner. Please continue to amaze me and other Club members with the brilliant ideas your Nirvana family brings us.

Jeff McClure

I sure am glad I joined

Dear OmniTrader User:

Have you been thinking about joining the Club but spending the money has held you back? I have been a member of the Club for almost 4 years and I sure am glad I joined. Club members are always ready to help and provide their assistance. As a member of the Club you have the opportunity to participate in the success and development of Omni Trader. You will be rewarded over and over again by the success of the Club Strategies. The money you will make will quickly cover the cost of joining.

This year Nirvana decided to reward the Club members by giving them the new proprietary NSP strategy and the NSP enhanced Club Strategy. This is a $3000 gift that will put money directly into your pocket! I paper traded the NSP-31 Strategy for a while and I made my first real trade using it last week. So far I am doing well and I have not been stopped out yet. Do yourself a favor - Join today and find out what you are missing.

Ken Holmes

I enjoy being a member of a group

I enjoy being a member of a group where you are allowed and asked to participate in its advancement as well as being informed on progress, and the Bash.

William Bivins

OmniTrader is truly second to none!

OmniTrader with ARM3 is in a league of it's own. It has to be one of the easiest powerhouse trading tools you can use. Alone, it's a fantastic prospecting tool, but with Nirvana continually pushing the envelope of technology and trading performance it puts out, it's truly second to none.

Lain B. Nirvana Trader since 1998

The software and support are exceptional

I like ARM3 very much. The software and support are exceptional.“

Dudley Russell

Most rewarding experience

Belonging to the Nirvana Club has been a most rewarding experience. I try to attend the Bash every year. I have made many friends in the club. We always try to help each other every year. While I learn a great deal from the intensely educational aspect of the Nirvana's lecture presentations, I always learn a lot from the Club members who sit beside me at the lectures. The Club experience gets better every year I have remained a member. I highly recommend joining. A member's buy in cost is always returned much sooner that one would ever expect.

Tom Watkins

Five Stars

I’d give this OT release FIVE STARS!

Jim D. Nirvana Trader since 1993

Fun, Exciting, and Fulfilling!

I've been a Nirvana Member since 1995. It's been a fun, exciting, and fulfilling experience. Fun, meeting and exchanging ideas with other members. Exciting, getting new and exciting Nirvana products and always wondering what great new features Nirvana has up it's sleeve. Fulfilling, using the Nirvana software to make money in the markets.

David O. Nirvana Trader since 1995

Thank you for your hard work

I just wanted to thank you for the hard work of the last year (especially on the new ARM3 tools). Being part of Nirvana Club has been a great experience. There are many ideas brought forward by the members that no one person could ever come up with. That alone has made the Club worth the investment, but on top of that you gave us NSP-31!Thanks again and looking forward to a profitable 2007.

Joe Lupo

These are real dollars

The past few weeks have been the best of the year, thanks to Ed, Nirvana and their gift of NSP-31. Today I had one account up over 5% with 50% margin. These are real dollars not “lab” dollars. Again thank you Ed and the Nirvana team.

Michael Kicks

Dear Ed,

I am very happy with the results I have been getting from the NSP-31 NN strategy. My portfolio which contained the NSP-31 trades has been my most successful to date. Out of seven trades, six have made money, netting 3% or more per trade. I am looking forward to expanding my NSP-31 trading into some other portfolios. Thanks, Nirvana, for providing me with the tools I need to be a happy and successful trader. Not only is the Nirvana software useful in making money, but it is a lot of fun too!

Bud Wilkes

Sincere sharing of information

“The sincere sharing of information and support offered by the club members is an incredible value.”

Don Ladyn

Nirvana's Commitment Is Unequaled

Your commitment to the trading goals of the company and club are unequaled. The technical support is timely and support consultants are always willing to go the extra mile to solve problems or answer questions on product use. Nirvana's educational material is well planned and produced.

James Hill

The Nirvana Club benefits are enormous!

“The Nirvana Club benefits are enormous! I am generating PROFITS by downloading "Pattern Scans" and analyzing with ARMr2STK and ARMr4STK. I am finding excellent candidates!”

James M. Inglis

Sharing ideas

The Nirvana Club is a personable way to get to know what other traders are doing and share ideas. I feel like I am right in Nirvanas office and part of the team.

Todd Phillips

The ARM products have been very accurate and promising, especially compared to regular Omnitrader.

I'm excited about the signals that will be in Visualtrader and the advent of ARM3. I am very pleased with the fact that you all are looking at the features of other data and software vendors, as far as gleaning the best from those products is concerned, and integrating them into OT. GREAT MOVE!

I've bought every product Nirvana has offered (since 2002) and I've made some good gains and I've lost quite a bit too. Right now I'm trying to refine what I do in my trading because I have a lot of rough spots. I rely almost solely on ARM2 R4.

Kevin Knox

At this moment in time I am blown away

I have used many different charting and trading tools since I stated back in 1998 when the big tech boom happened, I like other investors quickly learned after it was over that trading was not easy, in search of technical trading tools in helping my profit potential (I tried many) I found Ed Downs and his software, it was effective and very customisable compared to others back then and still now. At this moment in time I am blown away by what they are doing with there updated software and new tools, they just keep getting better and better. I am Nirvana Systems for life!! Thanks to all at Nirvana Systems, from the support all the way to the top.

Brandon L.

A Wealth Of Ideas & Approaches

I have only been trading for two years. The Forum has really accelerated my learning curve as there has been a wealth of ideas and approaches presented to research and experiment with. Until there is a truly automated trading platform (and in reading the recent development plan it seems that this is very likely) the Club has given me a great appreciation for developing a trading plan which is best suited to my risk tolerance.

Brent Ednie

I would join again without hesitation!

I've been a Nirvana member since the beginning. Joining has been one of the best "trading" decisions of my life. With the shared help and ideas of other members, and the special attention Nirvana gives members, even after all this time I would join again without hesitation.

David O. Nirvana Trader since 1995

Is Membership worth the cost? Absolutely!

If you are a serious trader or investor, it's important to have both dynamic decision software and reliable support.
Nirvana Members profit from both. Members not only benefit from these new innovations, but often propose and even test ideas before they're ever released.
Importantly, Members support each other. Is it worth the cost of membership? Ask any of the Members who remain active year after year -- absolutely!

John L. Nirvana Trader since 2000

Interacting with other traders...

Interacting with other traders, discussing ideas and other developments is one of the most important elements of the Nirvana!

I first purchased software from Nirvana in 1998 and I have been extremely impressed with the commitment and help shown to me by the Nirvana staff. The OmniTrader software package does a very thorough job of analyzing the stock market. But, it takes a lot more than just good software to make it in the stock market. It takes a personal drive to understand and evaluate the many factors involved with the personality of the market. The information conveyed by Nirvana and the Club members is outstanding.

I have been a member of Nirvana, since I first purchased the OmniTrader Software. Membership is a unique element supporting the entire experience. I have learned so much just interacting with other members on the forum. I have also developed acquaintances with other like minded traders. The ability to interact with other traders and to discuss ideas and other developments is one of the most important elements of the Nirvana package. I have attended a series of seminars and the yearly "Bash", where other traders gather and sit through two concentrated days of educational learning experience. The stock market is like any other professional experience where it is important to maintain a continuing education.

In my opinion, the OmniTrader software is the most powerful software on the market today. The charting, indicators and developed systems are not only powerful but they are "open ended" allowing each trader to adjust and/or modify the system to obtain a profitable conclusion. The help coming from Nirvana has been outstanding.

Last but not least, Nirvana developed a proprietary system known as “NSP-31.” My trades in the last month have shown a healthy 5.7% growth, which if considered annually would be in excess of 70%. Probably the most important development has been the ability to test and evaluate past time periods to see how a slight change can modify the end results. This software is so powerful and it's all contained on my personal computer. I don't have to depend upon a trading service or broker to suggest a trade without my capability to test it and to make my own decisions. This software has given me the power to do just that. Plus, with Nirvana and members supporting me, I can feel a degree of comfort in my decisions.

Rob V. Nirvana Trader since 1998

I marvel...

“I have been around since late 1992, the early days of “The Director”, a Metastock add-in. I marvel at the number of light years both OmniTrader and the Nirvana Club have traveled since those days. Today I am profitably trading ARM 3 strategies. I am convinced that the next few years in the Nirvana Club will bring even more amazing advances that will translate to higher profits.”

Bill Graves

Outstanding, extraordinary, and cutting edge

Nirvana Club is the quintessential force in the market place that will someday enable the little guy to compete with the market for profits instead of losses.

Outstanding, extraordinary, and cutting edge. Ed Downs is a true pioneer in the field of technical analysis and market research !

John Hope, M.D.

Nirvana Club

I am retired and not a full-time or professional trader. However, membership in the Nirvana Club is one of the best investments I have ever made.

Roy Thompson

Tools to build a strategy

“I have been a member for 2 years. Access to the Club forum and other Members' input has helped me become a profitable trader. I used Club exclusive tools to build a strategy and take second place in Nirvana's first fully automated trading competition - RoboCon.

There are club Members doing research on a daily basis and sharing it with the community. I truly believe these Club Members are some of the most brilliant minds in the electronic trading community. The original goals Ed Downs set out to achieve are becoming a reality and I am now a part of it. This is Awesome!”

Todd Phillips

I could not have done it

“As a novice trader, I could not have done it without the involvement in the Nirvana Club. The wealth of knowledge can easily help one achieve their goal by being part of a sort of one stop resource that can meet your needs.“

Robert Birchfield

Nirvana Club provides the opportunity to influence system development

Ed's objective of the Ultimate Trading Machine is clearly in sight as a reachable goal. While other systems have similar analytic systems, the individual pieces are not built with the view of incorporating them into an automated trading system. Nirvana Club provides the opportunity to influence system development based on your trading methods, characteristics, and patterns. Ed ensures that any work done will be compatible with the ultimate objective. Forum discussions with active traders, helps keep me open to new ideas and trading tactics and theories.

John Sloop

The club

The club is a great way to see how others trade the market.

Paul Witzgall

60% Options Profit!

“On my first NPS-31 trade, I bought CSC call options and closed the trade for a 60% profit…in just 1 week! Wow! Thanks for the great system!”

Tom Frankel

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