7 Simple Chart Patters to Boost Your Trading Results Today

Powerful Education Requires Powerful  Tools

It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.
It may in fact be worth thousands of dollars.  

All of the masters, from Gann to Murphy, have taught patterns in their writing and all successful traders use them. The problem is, marking patterns on charts by hand is difficult and time consuming. It would be great if the computer could do this job for us, but computerized Chart Pattern Recognition (CPR) is very difficult to program.

We tackled this problem with CPRM 6. But we didn’t want to just “find patterns”—we wanted to identify the most PROFITABLE ones. So, we invented a process that finds each of the 7 patterns in this course. Just creating the Pattern Recognition engine took many months. We then ran it on 20 years of market data and saved every pattern found in a huge database.

If you have already taken advantage of our special trail of OmniTrader 2020 then we have a special deal for you!  To help automate the process of Chart Patterns you are using in your course right now - we are offering CPRM6 ($495 value) for only $99.

You can learn more about CPRM6 HERE.

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