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MS-16 is Hot on CNP

Happy Friday folks. Another week in the books and I truly hope it was a splendid one for all. Let’s go ahead an launch straight into the signal on CNP. Post-haste! MS-16 CNP has been extremely bullish over the past few months, moving higher with few opportunities to enter on higher lows. But now we […]

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DPS Cup and Handle Breakout

The indexes closed mixed today after the Fed announced an interest rate hike of a quarter of a point. This is the first rate hike in months and it signals that the central bank has a brighter outlook on the economy as a whole. Fed Chair Janet Yellen also upgraded the forecast for growth and […]

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ACT 2.0 Favors AMZN

  ACT EOD  Our signal of the day is on the mighty Amazon.com. As we can see in the chart, AMZN has had two tough sessions in a row, dropping from over $1000 all the way down to $950 at one point to the test the 50 SMA. It has rebounded a bit from Friday’s […]

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Ultimate Indicator Move on MNST

The indexes all closed up for the day while crude on the other hand dropped -5% after a sour inventories report. We are going to move with the broad market mode, and focus on three new buy signals this evening. But, keep an eye out for volatility tomorrow as former FBI head James Comey heads […]

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Darvas Box Signal on BAC

Darvas Box BAC had a rough day, finishing the day down 1.36%. It recently fell through its 50 SMA, which is a major indicator that bearish momentum is rising. Late last week BAC tested the 50 once again, this time in an attempt to move back above it. Because it failed to break through on […]

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Rounded Top on XOM

GT Medium Term The entire oil industry got roughed up during today’s session and XOM was no exception. On its way to losing .66%, it moved below the 50 period moving average and continued to form a bearish saucer pattern. A bearish saucer is a chart pattern that indicates that a stock’s price has reached its high and that […]

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Trade the Wave on TXN

WT3 Long Term TXN has been moving steadily higher for months, with numerous higher low entries presenting themselves along the way. This is key because in order to successfully trade a trending stock, you must buy the dips. As we can see, a new higher low has just formed off of the trend line several […]

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AAPL Trends Higher

Good afternoon folks. After a big slip yesterday, the market hit the brakes on the bears today with all of the indexes closing in positive territory. The S&P closed +.37%, the Nasdaq +.73% and the Dow +.27%. After several days of explosive political events, it is kind of nice to not have any new nuttiness […]

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Trendline Break on BA

Mayday, mayday, the market got thumped today. The indexes took a major turn to the downside today, logging their biggest losses this year in wake of the new scandals that the Trump Administration finds itself in. As more details trickled out today concerning the Comey Memo, the market continued to slide on down. This story […]

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