A Customized ATM Trading 
Service for ATM Owners

A Customized ATM Trading Service 
for ATM Owners

About ATM Elite

In November 2020, OmniVest Institutional (OVI) launched an exclusive trading service available ONLY to ATM Owners & investors.

OVI is currently engaged in the development and deployment of several highly specialized ATM Methods. These new Methods are meant to be traded by a limited universe of investors seeking maximum gains.

We have already developed several powerful new ATM Methods that have not been released to the public. We have elected to make these Methods exclusively available to our best customers. This enables us to limit the number of participants and focus on helping a select group of “Elites” succeed. 

The Many Unique and Powerful Features of ATM Elite

Customized for Specific Goals

These new ATM Methods are both powerful and configurable. That’s why we have been holding frequent “Workshops” for our ATM Elites, in which we explain various configurations of each Method to achieve different investment goals. Variations discussed in the workshops will be available for download so you can install the ones that are the most appealing to you.

A Personal Concierge Service

Our world class support team are ready to help. At your request, the ATM Elite Concierge Team can remotely install the new ATM Methods on your machine so you can get “hands on” experience with each new Method. You can decide what’s best for you – and we will configure your Personal ATM to achieve your investment objectives.

Engage in a Trading Adventure with Us

As an ATM Elite member, you have access to these new Methods and all upcoming ATM Elite Methods. While Nirvana Systems sells trading software, OmniVest Institutional is focused on developing the best possible automated trading solutions. As part of ATM Elite you will be a valued part of the Adventure.

Let us Help YOU Realize Your Investment Goals with our Best Technology

As you can tell, ATM Elite is a significant departure from Business as Usual. Based on the potential rewards of generating substantial returns, we know this is the right focus for us. Let us help YOU realize your investment goals, with a personalized investment solution from OmniVest Institutional.

NEW Elite ATM Methods

While we have several ATM methods under construction, we launched with two premier ATM Methods and have been adding new ones ever since. Again, these are only available in ATM Elite with the exception of RS Boost. These methods focus on high returns while also limiting drawdowns.

ATM Elite Strong Tech

Technology stocks are often the “High Flyers” in bull markets, and this method is designed to take advantage of that effect. ATM Strong Tech engages resilient stocks in all markets, the strongest tech stocks in bull markets, and it applies an inverse ETF “hedge” in bearish situations.

Statistics (No Margin)

Avg Annual ROI…..…47%

Max Drawdown…..….26%

Avg. Annual MDD.....14%

ATM Elite Steady Trends

After the release of ATM Resilient, we wanted to take the concept of consistent performing stocks and see if we could improve on returns while maintaining relatively low drawdowns. With ATM Elite Steady Trends, we have achieved that goal. This method shows consistent performance while keeping drawdowns low.

Statistics (No Margin)

Avg Annual ROI…...…34%

Max Drawdown……...22%

Avg. Annual MDD…..12%

ATM RS Boost

ATM RS Boost uses three Market States to try and reach full allocation while keeping drawdowns to a minimum. When the market is conducive, this method will add stocks from the NASAQ 100 and/or the Russell 2000 to increase profits.

Statistics (No Margin)

Avg Annual ROI…..…59%

Max Drawdown…..….18.5%

Avg. Annual MDD…..13.8%

Additional Methods Available to ATM Elite Members

As we continue to develop ATM Methods, they are being added to the ATM Elite Library so that Elite Members have access to them. This fulfills the promise that Members of ATM Elite have access to all of the ATM Methods that we create as well as all ATM Methods we create in the future!


One of our latest Methods uses Market States based on powerful new indicators that we added to OmniTrader in at the end of 2021. MS-22 handily avoided or reduced allocation in the volatile markets of Q1 2022. 

ATM Group Rotation

This ATM Method looks at the major sectors and determines which Market State each group is in. Based on this analysis, it will then select stocks from the groups in order to diversify our portfolio so that gains can be realized with limited risk.

ATM Defensive Tech

ATM Defensive Tech is based on an OmniFund we created five years. Since then, the OmniFund has performed exceptionally well, so we created an ATM Method based on it for our Elite Members.

ATM RTQ (Real Time QQQ)

Our first Real Time ATM Method! ATM RTQ runs on the 5 minute timeframe and analyzes the ETF for the NASDAQ 100 (QQQ). Once it senses a breakout, it will trade the host highly correlated stocks to QQQ that show the strongest (or weakest) movement.

These methods help you meet your investment goals. All versions of ATM Elite Methods are available in the ATM Elite Methods Library for you to engage at any time.

Monthly ATM Elite Workshops

Every month, we hold an ATM Elite Workshop. In these interactive sessions, Jeff Drake reviews the performance of the ATM Elite Methods.

We look at why some methods excelled, and how to improve the methods that didn’t perform to our expectations.

The ATM Elite Workshops also look at the new ATM Methods that are currently being researched. This part of the workshop will focus not only on our ideas, but we will also take ideas and recommendations from ATM Elite Members. 

The ATM Elite Workshops provide you with a forum to discuss ideas, look at variations to ATM Elite Methods, and learn about the new methods being released.

Your Own Personal Hedge Fund

ATM Elite not only provides you with a robust selection of ATM Elite Methods, but it also enables you to download your own custom version of any of the methods. It’s like having your own Personal Hedge Fund!

We will work with you in order customize any of the available ATM Elite Methods in order to meet your investment goals. ATM Customization includes adjusting different settings such as:

✔  Per Trade Allocation 
✔  Whether to Hedge or Not 
✔  Ranking Stocks for Returns or Safety 
✔  More Reactive Market States 
✔  Whether to Trade Strategies or Intervals

These settings are just a few of the options that can affect performance. But as an ATM Elite Member, you don’t need to know how to adjust any of these. Simply tell us what your looking for from a method, and we can make the adjustments for you!

ATM Elite Concierge Service

ATM Elite is an Elite Service. As such, we are dedicated to helping you succeed with these assets. Since we have a limited number of ATM Elite Members, we have the resources to provide a personal, Concierge service to achieve this goal.

Our Great Staff wants you to succeed, and is standing by to help you in a variety of ways...

Informative Workshops

Designed to customize our Methods to your specific usage and parameters, Jeff Drake holds special Workshops that thoroughly explain how new versions of our ATM Methods have been configured to achieve specific objectives.

Great Methods are available now, but research is ongoing for OmniVest Institutional and the Elite Traders who are benefiting therefrom. Both Jeff and Ed provide periodic updates on the next installments ahead of release.

Installation Help

Our Goal: To help you succeed with, and learn from, this powerful new trading technology.

At your request, we will remotely access your machine and install everything, PLUS give you the needed instruction to get it going and keep it going.

Our objective is to provide great Methods based on ATM that you can evaluate for your own trading with a personal hands-on experience.

No computer skills required!

Substantial Rewards for Early Adopters 

Limited Seats Available!

We still have limited number of Seats available for ATM Elite Membership to Nirvana Customers who want to participate in the important mission. We made these seats available at a deeply discounted rate (see below), and will waive all monthly fees going forward.

Become an ATM Elite!

Join ATM Elite!

License Fee: $10,000 *
Monthly Cost: $100/mo *

License Fee ......................................... $10,000 **
Monthly Cost ..................................... $100/mo

** Special Offer: License fee reduced to $5,000No Monthly Fees ever.

ATM Elite Membership is a non-refundable life time membership.

New ATM Elites will receive an invitation to the next Workshop and additional instructions on how to get help installing and running the ATM Methods.