Darvas Likes Altria for a Pop

Darvas Loves Altria

The Darvas Box Strategy Suite likes what it sees on Altria. It has fallen to test support just below the 50 SMA. It has also become very oversold, ranking in below 30 on the RSI. Volume is also on the rise, which could be signalling the beginning of a new buying cycle.

MO Buy Signal

The Darvas Box Suite likes what it sees on MO.

Darvas Classic

This signal is brought to you by the Darvas Classic Strategy which is part of our ever-popular Darvas Box Suite. These strategies are riffed off of Nicolas Darvas’ work, the Darvas Box Theory, which has been used by oodles of traders for years to produce large and consistent profits. What the Darvas Box is looking for is essentially increases and decreases in momentum. The Darvas strategies use market momentum to enter and exit trades. If a stock’s price breaks out of a Darvas Box or reverses off of a Darvas support level it is a considered a nice buy signal candidate. You can find the Darvas Box Suite here.

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