The "Secret Weapon"
 Adaptive Trade Management System

Ed Downs

“I am extremely excited to announce  a significant breakthrough in terms of generating higher returns while also reducing risk.  Omni Traders Internationals new Adaptive Trade Management System (ATM) is what I like to call, "The Secret Weapon" - an advancement so powerful, it is showing over 40% average annual returns since 2000

This web page explains how this technology is going to help all of us generate real wealth in 2018 and beyond. You can also watch my webinar recording on the right. I’m sure you’ll soon see why I call this breakthrough “The Secret Weapon”.

Ed Downs

What is ATM?

Adaptive Trade Management (ATM) is a dynamically automated approach to trading. ATM allows us to adapt to changing markets by determining the type of market, and then adjusting our trading approach in order to maximize results.

The equity curves to the right shows the dramatic improvement that this technology can have on results. Consistent gains, low draw downs, outstanding performance in all markets- ATM delivers!

The Universal ATM Method performs in ALL markets by adjusting all aspects of trading based on the type of market.

Different Markets Demand A Different Trading Approach

As markets change, our approach to trading should change as well. ATS uses a technology called Market States in order to determine the type of market.

Once ATS identifies the Market State, it can then change every aspect of trading in order to maximize performance.

Different Strategies for Different Markets

When markets change, wouldn’t be nice to automatically switch to the Trading Strategies that work best in the new market? With ATM, this is done AUTOMATICALLY! 

For every Market State, ATM can switch to the strategies that work best in that type of market. This feature alone makes ATM one of the most powerful trading tools ever.

Ranking and Filtering for the Best Trades

Using the best Strategies for each Market State is good, but we want the absolute BEST trades.

ATM can filter out the trades that we don’t want, and then it will rank the remaining potential trades in order to insure that we are only taking the trades with the highest profit potential.

Market Specific Allocation is Key

Believe it or not, ATM doesn’t stop there. It also has the ability to have different long/short balance and trade size for each Market State.

Whether you want all longs in a Bullish Market, a mix of longs and shorts in a Sideways Market, or reduced trade size in a Volatile Market, ATM automatically adjusts to make sure you have the perfect balance.

Available in OmniTrader NOW!

ATM will soon be available in OmniVest, but a fully functional prototype is available in OmniTrader RIGHT NOW!

This OT version allows us (and you) to develop ATM Methods which we can use in OmniTrader, or upload to OmniVest when it is available so we are hitting the ground running!

INCLUDED: The Universal Trading Method

ATM includes the Universal Trading Method. This method uses three Market States to maximize performance in Bearish, Bullish and Raging Bull markets.

We’ll show you which strategies we use in this Method, or you can use strategies of your own! The Universal Trading Method shows consistent performance in all markets, and it is ready to use right out of the box!

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