What's Included in the rocket tradeR bundle?

Harnessing the Power of Relative Strength.

Rocket Trader Bundle is composed of 6 parts:

* Trading Platform, OmniTrader

* 30-days of Market Data, OmniData

* Indicators

* Scans, OmniScans

* Signals, Strategies 

* Training


The classic ways of calculating Relative Strength only show instantaneous values and do not show when a stock is under Accumulation. These NEW Relative Strength Indicators are used in both the OmniScans and the Strategy. They also visually show the degree to which Accumulated Relative Strength has built up in a chart.


Using the Relative Strength Indicators, the provided OmniScans can identify those stocks that have the highest Relative Strength, and are in a Launch pattern. If you review the trades that have been identified, the power of these scans is obvious.

Strategy (Signals)

The Strategy’s job is to find optimal entry points once a stock has been identified as being under accumulation by market participants. The Signals from the Strategy save time when reviewing candidates and provide the best possible entry points.

Rocket Trader Training

While the components of Relative Strength are powerful, there are specific chart clues that enhance results while trading. In the 3-Part Educational Series, we demonstrate the precise steps we took to grow an account more than 100% in a short period of time while managing risk, in just 10-15 Minutes a day.