Rocket Traders sharing their success stories.

"I’m a neophyte to Nirvana Systems but trying to learn in order to make things easier for my children and grandchildren as well as myself.  1st day I traded using it [Rocket Trade] I was up nicely (about $35k). " 

- Bob M.

"I've been Rocket trading  since introduction and it has been my best and favorite trading method of all Nirvana strategies that I have used. It is simple to understand, illustrative (I'm a visual learner) and effective. I have really improved my trading results since I started using Rocket..."

- Wynn F

" I'm having great success Rocket Trading. My account is up 20% in three weeks! Thank you for setting up the Webinars. They really helped me learn to manage the trades once I’m in." 

–  Dwight Y. 

"Rocket Trader is a Rocket to Trading Success.

Rocket Trade is a collection of artfully created scanners and indicators that allow me to focus in on stocks that have been stronger than the market and are making breakout moves.  From this pool of great candidates, simple chart reading is used to select the best of the best, based on current price action.  This combination of using recent performance statistics along with actual price performance at the hard right edge is as close to a “Holy Grail” as I have found. 
Ed provides excellent explanations and demonstrations of the power of combining great scans with keen price action analysis to find and trade the best candidates the market is currently offering. And OmniTrader provides a great platform for Paper trading or Live market execution via Trade Plans and portfolio management. All in all, this is a Rocket to trading success..." 

- Keith M.

"I have installed the Rocket Trade Method files on my OT2021 and I am impressed with the results so far. Next week I hope to trade real money and see some nice returns. Looking forward to your next webinars on Tuesday and Thursday..."

- Marty

"As an FYI, I am a lifetime member and an elite member and find Relative Strength Rocket Trading one of the most exciting & promising techniques to work with. Thanks for your efforts!"

- Michael K. 

"I can see how the Rocket Trade method can help to keep me in a trade longer in order to fully realize the trade’s potential. Thanks for giving me a new view on trading with your research on relative strength. This is powerful stuff and Omnitrader is a powerful platform to work from.

Omnitrader starts with charts that are infinitely configurable. I can simultaneously visualize different indicator entry and exit points to look for the confirmation I use prior to pulling the trigger on a trade. Color charts add depth and your stable of indicators have allowed me to create my own trading methods that are proving successful.

Omnitrader makes scanning the market a breeze. It is so easy to develop a scan that targets the specific technical situation you are looking for. I especially like the latest feature you put into the scans released with Rocket Trade that weed out stocks that are close to reporting earnings!

The brokerage interface has been superb. For security I have money split between several brokerages. I can tell you that the GX Trader interface has been the most reliable trading platform I have used.

I really like the recent direction Nirvana has taken to provide training snippets on YouTube. This give me the opportunity to “learn-up” at my own pace, at my convenience. I like the informal atmosphere and the ability to have questions answered while the program is airing. Often, the answer to another viewers question will answer my own.

Your market pulse update is a great way to stay focused on the market and the forces moving it. Kudos to Jeff Drake and Ryan Olsen.

Finally, Nirvana’s customer support is outstanding. Your tech support people are the absolute best part of Nirvana. I got a good feel for customer support while running the Los Angeles Fire Department's Supply and Maintenance Division. The support provided by the vendors I dealt with do not compare with the support Nirvana provides. You definitely score and 110% for customer support.

The best investment I made was becoming a life member at Nirvana."

- Don F.

"I normally do not like discretionary trading, in fact I have changed the focus list to see Hit Rate (HR) and Profit per Trade (PPT).  I knew the HR was low, but the PPT makes up for it. "

- Dan J.

"First of all let me CONGRATULATE you and the EXCELLENT TEAM at Nirvana to come up with something GREAT like this [Rocket Trade]!!   RSI has been around for quite some time, but the twist that you guys were able to put in it to generate such great signals is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

(Worthy of Nobel prize, I would say😊)

- M. Patel