Three Recorded Training Sessions

Ed Down, CEO

Nirvana Systems

“My brokerage account is up 100% in just 4 months of trading!”

I started using the Rocket Trade Method on Oct 12, 2020. As of Feb 12, 2021 I’m up over 100%! To the right is a capture of my actual record from Interactive Brokers.

Granted, I’ve been around trading a long time, but I am confident that anyone can do this. These explosive moves can be found in any market – you just need the right tools to find and trade them. And that’s what the RocketTrade Method is all about!”

  • Part 1: Finding the Rocket Trades

  • Part II: Watering  the Garden

  • Part III: Reducing Risk

Part I: Finding the Rocket Trades

One of the secrets to my success is the accumulation of potential and mitigation of risk through incremental diversification and trade management.

By periodically adding positions that have the “Right Stuff”, while dropping out of those that are unlikely to appreciate further, I’ve been able to steadily grow my account.

Relative Strength makes it easy to find stocks that are being accumulated by market participants.

The Goal: Relax and Enjoy Life!

The fact is, you don’t have to do this every day. If you look at my trade record, you will see I skipped trading for many days. With reasonable profit and loss stops at the broker, you can relax between sessions.

I love the fact that my money is working for me in the market, made possible by the advanced automation that OmniTrader provides, and the Rocket Fuel that is Relative Strength!