Option Traders sharing their success stories.

"OptionTrader makes option trading more accessible."

- Rick S.

" I just started trading options several months ago in order to make best use of my resources, and have suspended trading equities for now. I have not had a Return on Investment on my winning trades of less than 40% and I have only had ONE losing trade since starting!

–  Greg H. 

"Investing in stocks looks attractive but the capital requirements are huge. Options, on the other hand, provide a low cost entry to the market and can provide diversity with hundreds of stocks, indexes and futures that offer options opportunities. I believe the confusion for the aspiring option trader is the many combinations of calls, puts, long and short positions that can be derived. The inclusion of weekly options and LEAPs just compounds the decision in what to trade, when to trade, and what combination of strike price and time element. Nirvana’s software enables me to quickly set my buy/sell position, and instantly have my target price and stop/loss level confirmed. Plus, I do not want to be at my computer during the entire market trading day." 

- Duane H.