StrategyWizardCreate Winning Strategies AUTOMATICALLY!

· CREATE profitable New Strategies with minimal effort.
· TUNE existing Strategies for maximum profitability.
· ADJUST Strategies to changing market conditions.
· ADAPT Strategies to specific lists to be traded.

Also Included: ALL NEW Strategy Maker
· SWAP components between Strategies to find the best combination.
· TEST the Strategy combinations automatically.

Let Strategy Wizard 2.0 Create the Magic

As a student of the market, you may read a concept in a magazine or hear about one in a seminar that you want to try, but you are not sure how to put it together.

Using OmniTrader, you can quickly create a Strategy with a few Trading Systems, a Filter, a Confirmer and an Exit method. Or, alter one that is already there. Then, let Strategy Wizard work
on your creation to fi nd the “magic” in it. If there is a good Strategy inside your idea, Strategy Wizard can find it!

Tune Your Strategies to YOUR List

Strategies are typically tested on standard lists like the S&P 100. If you are trading stocks in the Russell 1000, your Stops will be better if you tune your Strategies to that list. If you are trading highly volatile stocks for Options plays, you will want your Trading Systems to fire more often, and hence will want your Strategy Filters to be looser.

But you don’t have to figure this out because Strategy Wizard can do it! You can set Strategy Wizard to seek out the best values for EVERYTHING in a Strategy. Even if you adjust 5 or 10 variables in your Strategy, Strategy Wizard can find the best combination in a short amount of time, thanks to the amazing FAST SEARCH algorithm built into its logic.

Perform Periodic Tune-Ups to Adjust
to Changing Market Conditions

We all know that markets are not static—they are changing all the time. With Strategy Wizard, you can literally “re-tune” all your Strategies monthly or even weekly, getting the best possible parameters that refl ect movement in the current market.

Since it is 100% automated, you can just fire it up every Sunday and be trading with the best of the best on Monday. What is this kind of power worth in your trading? A lot!


Creating Profitable Strategies HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER with Nirvana's Strategy Wizard 2.0 with Strategy Maker!

Strategy Wizard 2.0
Nirvana’s Strategy Wizard 2.0 with Strategy Maker: $1495

Creating Great Trading Strategies with Strategy Wizard Seminar: FREE

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*Strategy Wizard works with OmniTrader 2010 and later versions. Not available for prior versions of OmniTrader.

A Tale of 2 Equity Curves

We took one of our Turtle Plug-in Strategies and tuned it to the Russell 1000 list of stocks. Here are the two equity curves generated before and after tuning.


Equity Curve: Before


Equity Curve: After

Strategy Wizard was able to dramatically reduce the drawdown while improving profits by almost 400% simply by adjusting the Stops and Filters in the Strategy!

Seminar Included!

Creating Great Trading Strategies with
Strategy Wizard & Strategy Maker

by Jeff Drake & Jeremy Williams

I. Welcome to Strategy Wizard
· What is Strategy Wizard?
Creating Profitable Strategies with Strategy WizardII. How to Set Up The Wizard
· Preparing a Profile for the Wizard
· Turning on Strategy Wizard
III. The Strategy Wizard Interface
IV. The Strategy Maker Interface
V. The Exhaustive Search Method
· The Exhaustive Search Concept
· Creating an Exhaustive Search Strategy
VI. The Fast Search Method
· The Fast Search Concept
· Creating a Fast Search Strategy
VII. Creating Strategies with Strategy Maker
· Analyzing the Results
VIII. Tuning a Strategy with the Wizard
· System Tuning (Global Optimization)
· Filter/Confirmation Tuning
· Exits Tuning
IX. How Good is Your Strategy?
· Using Out of Sample Data to Determine Robustness
· The Validation Process
X. Final Thoughts and Additional Resources


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