Quality financial data at an affordable price. OmniData is the easiest to use and most popular data service among our users.

OmniData Real-Time

OmniData Real-Time

Our Real-Time Data Service can be added to an OmniData with OmniScan service for just $30 plus exchange fees. That’s about $1 a day to add real time data to your analysis! Our service includes Stocks, Futures, ETFs, and Indexes, with Options scheduled for early 2010. End-of-Day traders can benefit dramatically from seeing Real Time data in OmniTrader End-of-Day. Click here to find out how! (more)


OmniScan Add $10 to your OmniData subscription to get our OmniScan lists, including fundamental and technical searches across the entire market. Many canned scans are included to help you find those stocks and are sufficiently capitalized, have the right kind of movement for trading. (more)

OmniData End-of-Day


For just $19 a month, you can get updates on Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs, and Indexes going back 20 years. It’s the lowest cost yet most accurate data available for trading the stock market. Analyze hundreds or thousands of stocks in OmniTrader’s Focus List and isolate those that have the best Signals, Patterns, and Setups. (more)


Available in both End of Day and Real Time, the value of WaveScans is its ability to isolate those stocks that work best with the WaveTrader Strategies, which will save time in your prospecting. We run WaveScans on our servers to identify those stocks, out of the entire stock market, that are best suited for trading the waves. (more)


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