OmniData Real-Time Service is Efficient, Reliable, and Affordable.

  • A high-performance, real-time streaming datafeed that brings the market to your workstation, desktop computer or notebook.
  • Comprehensive: Stocks level Includes all major US equities, indexes, and ETFs; add futures for only $20 per month.
  • Fast Charting Capabilities: Built with the demands of OmniTrader and VisualTrader in mind, charts download quickly and switching timeframes is a snap.
  • Efficient: Incorporates the freshest approach to today's demands placed on streaming financial and market data applications.
  • Low latency: Receives Tier 1 feed via rare combination of blazing compression speed and an astonishingly high compression ratio.
  • Reliable: Receives data from reliable Tier 1 provider with multiple redundant data centers.
  • Affordable: OmniData Real-Time is priced lower than the competition.

OmniData Real-Time

Real-Time Stocks Data: $64/month
(plus exchange fees)

Real-Time Futures Data: $84/month
(plus exchange fees)



* Current limitations allow OmniTrader to display up to 112700 bars and VisualTrader up to 2000 bars in intraday timeframes. SignalWatch Live will display up to 300 bars in intraday timeframes.

Here's What You Get:

  • Real-Time daily and intraday data on US Equities (NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ).
  • Real-Time Index Quotes for all Major US Indexes and ETF's.
  • Intraday minute bar history going back to January 2007 for stocks, indexes, and futures.*
  • 20 Years of Daily and Weekly Historical Stock and Indexes data.
  • US Futures (Including E-Minis) and Commodities at an additional cost.
  • 500 simultaneous symbols viewed with basic service.
  • OmniData End-of-Day service w/Fundamental Data, 40+ Market Breath Indicators, and Mutual Funds.
  • OmniScan to help populate symbol lists (limited time only!)
  • Free customer support that you can talk to with extended hours. We also provide free email, forum, and remote system support.

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